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Strike Witches Licensed in US


A US release of loli pantsu anime Strike Witches is imminent, as US distributor Funimation has announced acquiring the license.

The company has long worked with troubled studio Gonzo, and Gonzo itself has been noted for producing a number of titles with the overseas markets in mind, so this represents a logical development in that respect.

What is not clear is how the company will approach marketing an anime whose primary appeal consists of the suspiciously pantsu-resembling trousers of its rather young cast, and which in DVD format tastefully lavishes attention on the breasts of twelve-year-old girls.

This leads to the suspicion that a censored DVD release might be in the offing.

This would also have the convenient effect of negating any reverse imports into Japan, as what self respecting Strike Witches fan would want a DVD sans oppai?

Funimation will also be picking up unremarkable oppai anime Linebarrels of Iron.

Via the forums.

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  • wow just so much hate not like care anyways i will buy the dvd’s though the mail in 2010 when they do come out. Let’s face it anime is not what it used to be and most people that I talk to see it as an passing fad In the states. It had it’s chance but failed and all is left is a view companies to anime and that’s about it. It MIGHT cause a stir on the FAUK NEWS channel but that wouldn’t be surprising if it did. I can’t think of any anime that has caused any controversy in the past 10 years for that matter but oh well.

  • Out of a lot of the comments, I felt “MARl0” made the most sense. The rest of you are pitiful and just plain dumb, especially when it comes to DVD released anime.

    Funimation is an odd choice for SW, I would have expected ADV to nab this if they still licensed anime. It is perfect for them.

    I for one am glad it is being domesticated, and would be interested in hearing who will be casted. And I would hope that the VAs fake accent some of the characters. This greatly depends on the who is being casted, and which funi team is doing the dubbing.

    Though I doubt it will happen, I would like to hear Sandy Fox or Carrie Savage take lead role. I don’t know if Sandy likes these types of anime though, she’s listed “uncredited” in Rumble Roses as Aigle/Great Khan. for some reason… >_>

    Funi did end up distributing many of the Anime that ADV and Geneon had dumped (due to financial trouble). So Elfen Lied is under Funi’s name now, and it even aired on their AnimeNetwork. So as you can see they have no issue with censoring. And why the issue with Funi censoring, when it was Japan networks that did the censoring with SW?

    Hell even Magical Lyrical Nanoha is here. And Funi thus far – has dubbed and released the Negima!? OVAs.

    I don’t get anime fans these days, acting too damn spoiled these days. /RANT

  • all of the censorship brouhaha aside, I am wondering what the situation is with Chuck Yeager…he’s still alive, and i am almost positive that he holds all relevant trademarks and copyrights on his image and likeness…think he’s getting royalties from this?

  • a few notes:

    1. Funimation has yet to see the uncut materials. i’ve pointed them in the direction of Sankaku Complex to check out relevant screen caps.

    2. They are aware of the current murkiness in regards to the legal status of drawn loli in the US, and specifically aware of the Virginia vs. Whorley case.

    3. They will be recieving both the TV and DVD versions of the materials, in part because they may still run strike witches on linear/on-demand/online streaming platforms, just like they did with Witchblade.

    4. When it comes to the domestic DVD release, after assessing the uncut DVD version, they will either release that version or the TV version to DVD – they will not mix and match.

    5. Funimation doesn’t have to sell many copies of the series as it was apparently a very inexpensive license.

      • Sigh….

        Fuck the ‘answerman’. He very seldom knows wtf he’s talking about. Jason (7S pres) wanted to release it, but some people started stirring up shit, which caused local distributors (read bookstores) to cancel their orders for the series. It also didn’t help that the Jap licensor made them call the damned thing ‘Nymphette’ which evidently doesn’t have a bad connotation in Japan as it does in Amerikka. They were pretty much forced to shelve it b/c they were gonna lose shitloads of money off of it.

        Meh, This is why I buy shit straight from Japan…

  • Everyone keeps saying it will be censored, I highly doubt that. Plenty of anime released in America has featured underage characters in a fanservice anime, some of which are shown nude.

  • 1) License a niche show only likely to be popular in the US amongst small groups of hardcore otaku.
    2) When execs start sniffing around, blame piracy and torrents for poor sales.
    3) Rinse and repeat.

    I gotta admit, it’s a flawless business model.

  • If Funimation censors Strike Witches in ANY way, i won’t even think about picking the dvds up.Considering most folks that would be interested in buying A SUB/DUB SW dvd run from Funimation would be American fans of the Japanese original, any censoring done by Finu will only have a negative effect on them, especially when all they have to do is rate the disc MA.

    Kids shouldn’t be sold MA rated discs to begin with, so releasing a censored version will likely only have a negative effect on any and all sales.Most folks can dload or watch the uncensored subs online anyway, including kids that want to see the material bad enough.

  • If Funimation censors Strike Witches in ANY way, i won’t even think about picking the dvds up.Considering most folks that would be interested in buying A SUB/DUB SW dvd run from Funimation would be American fans of the Japanese original, any censoring done by Finu will only have a negative effect on them, especially when all they have to do is rate the disc MA.

  • Oh cool, English Dub..

    Prepare for Perrine overusing the word “mademoiselle”, Erica & Trude sound like Hitler giving his speech, Minna addressing Mio as “Zakamoto”, Shirley with a New York accent, Lucchini talking like Santina Marella, Mio and Yoshika…. sound normal, and watching Eila-x-Sanya scenes feels like watching an Anastasia chronology movie..

    I’m still confused with Lynette’s real nationality (British or Canadian?) so i’m not sure if she’s going to talk like Hermione or not..

  • This is a sad sad sad day for anime fans everywhere. Yet another good anime will be RUINED by the horrible Shitty dubbing that Funimation does. I hate to see this happen…. Why can’t Funimation just die already? Their Parent Company Navarre is about to go under anyways.

  • “What is not clear is how the company will approach marketing an anime whose primary appeal consists of the suspiciously pantsu-resembling trousers of its rather young cast, and which in DVD format tastefully lavishes attention on the breasts of twelve-year-old girls.”

    I sense UNICEF and conservatives going after them in a heart beat XDDD

    • Have them all voiced by Laura Bailey, there you go. Also, you do know that all R1 anime DVDs have dual audio? I don’t believe Funimation has, but a few companies have released series with no existing dub.

        • Thank God Clannad got released with simply a sub.The Japanese vocal cast could never be outdone in Clannad or After Story, so it makes no sense coming up with an English dub anyway.The only people it’s going to put out are those that are too lazy toread subtitles and/or those that cannot read English to begin with.

  • Would like to say I’m surprised at the reactions to this news, but I’m not at all.
    When ANY popular formally subbed series gets licensed, this same crap is said. Every. Damn. Time.

    Funi isn’t 4Kids. If the only familiarity you have with Funi’s edits are DBZ or YYH, maybe you should actually buy one of their damn Dvd’s.

    It’s going to be fine.
    Strike Witches is not going to cause any amount of controversy. No one cares about Anime. The only target for Anime now are those who already fans. Strike Witches isn’t going to show up in a Wal-Mart or even in a Target.

    People are reacting as if the year is 2004 all over again, and Anime was still in it’s popularity boom. It isn’t, not in America at least. Even Cartoon Network, which introduced some of the most popular anime to Americans has stopped adding any new shows. If Naruto can begin to fail here, what can succeed?

    Personally, depending on price, I wouldn’t mind buying these if I have the money at the time. Ditched Strike Witches at like, 8, since it had just become boring, but I’d give it a shot again.
    Oddly enough, series that introduced me to Sankaku in the first place..

    • People certainly care about illegally naked underage girls, especially recently.

      Just as it’s impossible to really predict what will become popular, it’s also impossible to predict what the moralfags will latch on to.

      Time will tell.

      • In the U.S., at least, there is no such thing as “illegally naked underage girls.” It’s a common misconception that there is such a law, but in fact the child porn law is much more complex than that.

        Suffice it to say that simple nudity does not make something pornographic, let alone obscene (hence why nudist magazines and dramatic movies with nude scenes – and even love scenes – involving minors are legal). Furthermore, DRAWN or literary, rather than photographic, depictions of sex acts involving supposed minors, even if graphic, are not necessarily obscene, and are protected speech unless they are (or unless they are purported to document real acts). The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled on both of these points. At any rate, Strike Witches does not even come CLOSE to meeting the criteria for being obscene in the U.S.

        May it face a public outcry? Sure. FUNi has nothing to fear from the legal system, though.

        I will be extremely surprised if the R1 Strike Witches DVDs end up being censored, because I am positive that FUNi knows that a censored version won’t sell (especially not with the uncensored version available via legal download), and wouldn’t have picked it up unless they planned to release it uncensored.

  • Please, why would Funimation spend extra time and money adding censorship that they *know* will piss off the fanbase? Strike Witches is not DBZ, it’s not airing on mainstream US TV, and the year is 2009, not 1997.

    • Don’t forget the moralfags though.

      Creepy shit like Elfen Lied weren’t entirely about half-naked lolis.

      This is just going to be all THINK OF THE CHILDREN.

      And I am going to laugh my ass off about it.

      • Mind if I ask what sort of mental training you endure that you’re able to laugh freely at the latest in moralfag antics?

        I still tend to over-analyze and place myself in the shoes of whatever artist/venue they’re directing their bigotry orgasms toward.

        I’d like to be able to see such aspects of life as comically as you seem to for a change.

        • @LunarSD
          >Mind if I ask what sort of mental training you endure that you’re able to laugh freely at the latest in moralfag antics?

          The answer is that he DOESN’T FUCKING TAKE THE INTERNET SERIOUSLY.

          If people would stop taking the internet so seriously, it would solve SO MANY PROBLEMS in their lives.

  • I’d totally just grab a chair at some local Target and, with utmost whimsy, observe the American masses so unsuspectingly discover this magnificent piece of history and culture.

    I love my people.

    And I love you, FUNimation.

  • This is quite shocking. Didn’t think Strike Witches would get licensed. Though Funimation’s been picking up everything under the sun nowadays. Which is a good thing. Hope they pick up more niche titles. Especially loli ones.

        • >waiting to see this show for ages….

          LOLGTFO you goddamned hypocrite. You’ve fucking downloaded all the episodes and watched them and don’t lie and say you haven’t. Matter of fact you’ve probably got Strike Subs’ episode seven w/ the extra de-censoring.

          I’m not sure what exactly you’re trying to prove, but you’re coming across as either a really big moralfag or somebody who works for funi.

          In b4 some “I take the internet waaaay too seriously and I’m really a good person and let me try to prove it to the internet” excuse.

      • Otaku actually buy DVDs. What’s more, they pay the extravagent amount of yen for two-episode DVDs.

        Most hardcore weeaboos can’t even bother to pay 40 bucks for a box set.

        100% of people who enjoyed Strike Bitches are hardcore weeaboos.

        • Believe it or not, the frequent assertions on 4chan to the contrary notwithstanding, LOTS of us actually buy shit. I have virtually no income, and yet still manage to spend hundreds of dollars a year on anime and associated merch.

          The is absolutely a market for SW on DVD in the U.S., as long as it’s uncensored. We’re they to censor it, I can see it turning into a disaster for them (I can still remember the debacle caused for ADV when the Girls Bravo S1 DVDs turned out to be the censored TV version), but otherwise it should sell quite nicely.

          Of course, they will know that too, and wouldn’t have licensed it if they thought they would have to censor it.

        • Same here…

          I’ve got at least 4k Euro worth of box-sets and figures, prolly more than that.

          And if this comes out uncensored and with possible goodies, I’ll definately buy it o/

          Also… my 1/4 Kokonoe Rin should come soon :3

  • Fuck yes!

    Fucking hell yes!

    I saw Strike Witches censored and i don’t mind
    if FUNimation releases a censored version. Just as
    long as it has English dubbing.

    Too many people complaining, especially those who
    wanna see 12 year old oppai who can enjoy that at
    the comfort of their torrents saved in their HD.
    Those who have the censored version.

    I never downloaded the uncensored version. Censor-
    ship with a decent storyline is all i needed.

  • then what about the social-political stand point of America as what other people have commented that this would make an uproar @_@ other than America hiding its ‘closet lolicon’ senators in congress

  • God people. Funimation does NOT censor anime on DVD. Based on their record, I do not understand why anyone would think that they actually would censor it. It’ll be just like the Japanese DVD versions, only with more episodes per disk. The only American anime distributor that censors anime is 4 Kids Entertainment. And they would never ever license a show like Strike Witches anyway.

  • >>Funimation

    Yeah, I’ll definitely NOT be buying this then. They may be BIG NAME but god they’re terrible quality all around and their bonuses leave a lot to be desired. For example, when they released the first Claymore DVD, it came with a booklet that practically spoiled the entire series without warning.

    It will be edited, the dub will suck, they will hide things. Fuck, I’m remembering all the digital paint people used for TV broadcasts of stuff here back in the day and am almost predicting seeing some in any release of this.

    Either that or I bet it’s marketed to kids, though that’d be far far worse. In before a shitstorm of angry moms.

    • Nope. It’s not graphic depictions of sex. However, it’s legality might be a bit more murky in Australia and Canada. lol.

      I don’t buy licensed anime dvds anyway, but the laws still suck.

      • I thought the S.A.F.E. act made it so that anything BOTH photographic AND drawn the court deigns to view as sexualized (poses, themes, etc, nudity not even a requirement) was prosecutable?

        I’m sure it had a sentence or two specifically mentioning drawn images thought to be <18 are supposed to get people raids at 6am, usually on a friday.

        Isn’t that why there’s currently a loli manga case in trial in the states (link:

        If you know more than I do and 2D loli really is unprosecutable in america, then I just gained a tiny glimmer more respect for the system the yanks toy around with in their little bubble.

        That’s supposed to be impossible…

        • And with any luck they’ll make it to Supreme Court and re-revise the law yet again, hopefully in favor of common sense (it will depend on the ratio of conservative:liberal justices at the time the case makes it there, assuming it can).

          I’d call this a kind of Reverse Evolution we’re undergoing (as has been said previously here on SanCom).

          How often do you find otaku-positive families, couples? How often to do you find moralfags who breed (and vote) like empty-headed bunnies?

          More generally speaking, Liberals seem to beget a fraction the progeny Conservatives do, leading to these endless barrages of Obscenity laws, and unfortunately you can never be quite sure the lower courts will even grant the resultant cases permission to be viewed by the Supreme Court.

          Check the history of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. They had one really tragic loss in the 90’s, where a comic book author in Florida was denied moving his case any farther up the ladder, and got saddled with government-enforced psychiatric evaluation among other punishments (makes me remember A Clockwork Orange…).

          All for cartoons he drew, without even provable intent to distribute, on some sheets of paper.

          So this shit DOES happen.

          Democracy is such a nice ideal, but the Majority will unerring remain being uneducated fanatics who can breed faster than they know how to read.

          Thus, this Orwellian spiral it so frequently feels we’re heading down these days.

          Bah, my top 10 list of *victimless* things I most love about life are all illegal anyway, and they’re all equally silly to legislate, and silly to give too much thought to anyway. So at this point in my life I analyze more than rage, and still am plenty able to enjoy what I’m built to enjoy without feeling too oppressed. Something most people who post here on SanCom seem to exhibit as well.

          It’s best to just view the legal issues involved in controversial anime-themed entertainment as opening yourself up to possibly getting infected by a very rare, potentially freedom-draining disease.

          Call it something like Aquired Intrusive Discrimination Syndrome 😀

        • The US supreme court has already ruled a few times that anything “drawn” is protected under freedom of speech.

          plus one of their cases they had involved what “appeared” to be a young character in sexual situations, and the prosecutors lost because the US supreme court ruled that there is no such thing as “age” in something drawn/not real. They also went as far to clarify that as long as no real-life children were used, there is nothing that can be done.

          As for that court case you’re referring too, if you ask me…the prosecutors will most likely lose, since the US Supreme Court already made a ruling on this and it’s decision overrides everything else. As for the S.A.F.E act….I don’t know much about it, but the only reason why its still there is because it hasn’t been challenged in court yet as far as I know.

    • Actually they DID. The Japanese military for example in WWII used to recruit kids around 12-14yo to be trained. Not sure if they’re sent to the frontline or just stayed in the control room or something like that..