Man Trapped by Penis in Wife after Kama Sutra Mishap


A lady had an orgasm so intense that she vaginally trapped her husband’s penis inside her for over two hours, causing the pair to be hospitalised and nearly costing the husband his manhood.

The couple, Ivan (56) and Valentina (51), had apparently received a copy of the Kama Sutra, the traditional Indian sex manual well known for some challenging positions, as a joke birthday present they say.

Undaunted and doubtless aroused, the pair opted to try out some of the positions detailed in the book; after much joyful experimentation, they reached “Indrani”, a position where the lady lies on her back with her knees brought up to her chest and legs spread, allowing the man read access.

The position proved effective and Valentina soon climaxed intensely, involuntarily contracting the muscles of her vagina vigorously as a result.

So tightly did she contract that Ivan could not so much as withdraw his penis; worse yet, the contraction persisted, and the couple vainly struggled to free themselves for two hours.

It soon became apparent that they were in serious difficulty, and would require medical assistance.

An ambulance soon arrived, and first responders described the terrible scene they were confronted with:

“We couldn’t help laughing looking at them. The two lovers, who were not young at all, were stuck in such a position!”

Doctors soon realised the man could be in danger of a most unfortunate injury:
“We had to hurry because the swelling of the man’s sex organ had begun. We called our best surgeons, but the man somehow escaped!”

It seems the prospect of the tender ministrations of the surgeons persuaded Ivan to get loose. He apparently fled the scene without debilitating injury, and doctors found only a bleeding Valentina.

The surgeons operated on her, and she escaped significant injury, though clearly the pride of both will not soon be recovering.

Via Heaven.

At least his penis was trapped in an appropriate spot

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