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Macross Cosplay Global Frontier


Here you see an interesting set of Macross Frontier cosplay highlights in video montage format, with an appropriate score. Cosplay of quality from all over the world is well in evidence.

Both standard and fancy versions are visible below:

On the Anglophone Internet, it is often possible to hear disparaging remarks about the quality of non-Japanese cosplayers, with the notion that only Japanese are capable of quality cosplay often asserted (usually with reference to Naruto cosplayers).

However, on the Japanese Internet the mirror image of this is often also present: many times Japanese commenters will laud overseas cosplayers and lament how inferior Japanese are for such cosplay, particularly when the characters involved are often not Japanese.

A case of the grass always being greener on the other side? And possibly also one of irrational and unwarranted praise for all things Japanese…

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