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Aya Hirano Gets Own TV Show


Comedy idol Aya Hirano is finally set to receive her own TV show, making her the equal of heavily exposed otaku-favoured celebrities such as Shoko-tan.

The show will be prosaically entitled “平野綾だけTV / Hirano Aya-dake TV”, or “Just Aya Hirano TV”, and will begin airing on April 16th, from 22:00 to 23:00.

Who knows what novel and exciting content may feature, for Hirano herself boldly proclaims “I’ll decide what we do myself!”

The show will feature only the antics of the “charisma seiyuu” herself, although presumably she will allow guests and other hangers on to appear in her shadow.

This marks her first TV show, although of course she has long been in the world of show business; her first such appearance was by her own admission at the age of 9, and even since her more recent roles she has altered her image considerably:

Her image certainly has changed even since her stint as seiyuu, and her battle with obesity has certainly told.

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