Mother Pimps Middle School Daughters Online


An unemployed mother is facing charges of prostituting her two schoolgirl daughters in order to preserve her own idle lifestyle.

The 35-year-old lady, without work save her daughter dispatch business, apparently advertised her two middle school age daughters for rent on a mobile phone dating site of the type popular amongst schoolgirls and their lolicon suitors. She would then deliver the girls up to the meeting spot near the hotel.

She completed such transactions on a number of occasions, eventually being foiled by a tip-off to police, which prompted a full investigation. Soon she was facing charges for violating child welfare laws.

The mother for her part admits the crimes; her daughters explain “We couldn’t disobey our mother!”

Police suspect that she felt economic hardship sufficient cause to rent out her daughters, though it seems prostituting herself or finding legitimate work was not an option to her.

Via ZakZak.

Some parents are asutely aware of the marketability of their young daughters it would seem.

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