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Kadokawa Issues Haruhi Gag Order


Just when fans thought they had secured some reliable evidence of the existence of the Haruhi second season, Kadokawa has moved to scotch them.

Now we hear that lynchpin broadcaster Saitama TV is issuing a categorical refusal to comment on the series, after only days ago having confirmed with other broadcasters that the series would have 28 episodes.

The broadcaster will now only answer with the request to instead see the official Haruhi homepage. The immediate suspicion is that Kadokawa has moved to gag broadcasters from revealing any details regarding the anime.

You can see the 2ch exchange here.

Although the suggestion that new and old episodes will be mixed together or broadcast back-to-back is not directly challenged by this development, it does rather suggest that the broadcasters, in providing useful information to viewers, contravened Kadokawa’s policy of issuing only ambiguous or misleading information.

Currently the major possibility appears to be that Kadokawa was hoping to keep all disinformation control centred on its official channels.

We might speculate that some contrived marketing gimmick relying on generating word of mouth publicity is planned, or that an unusual or unannounced entry into the new episodes is due.

Considering how the marketing has been handled so far, anything seems possible. Dark whispers of a simple re-repeat in the alternative airing order following the first 14 episodes have even been heard…

Kadokawa’s marketing approach to the Haruhi appears to be to sow as much confusion and distrust as possible whilst delivering as little as possible. Few productions have ever been marketed with so little respect for those attempting to follow them…

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