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Xbox 360 Doomed in Japan: Outsold by PS2


The much heralded resurgence of the Xbox 360 in Japan appears to have been as fleetingly ephemeral as the life of a mayfly; the latest sales figures show it being outsold by the lowly and supposedly obsolescent PS2, and the PS3 is outselling it by a margin of nearly 5 to 1, also beating the Wii:

PS3: 22,825
Wii: 17,276
PS2: 5,246
360: 4,849

DSi: 57,401
PSP: 54,148
DS: 8,408

These are the weekly sales figures ending March 29th. The good source.

The PS3 has been outselling the Wii for over a month; however, with the release of MS “exclusive” Star Ocean 4 in February, sales briefly beat both the Wii and the PS3, reaching some 25,000. The success was however short lived…

It would appear that periodic RPG releases are the only thing keeping sales going.

It seems Sony will take the Japanese market without issue, but the crucial issue is of course whether it can achieve similar success in the US (seemingly unlikely) and Europe (where it may have a chance).

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