Hong Kong Menu


A non-culinary menu of the most sordid sort comes to light, illustrating the costs of various special encounters.

Advertising the going rates for procuring carnal services from ladies of various nationalities and characteristics, the “menu” has some rather fanciful descriptions of the wares available to the discriminating customer.

The translation:

大波北姑: big-breasted northern girl

青春陀地: youthful local

白淨馬拉: fair-skinned Malay

熱情寶妹: feisty Filipina

狂野鬼妹: wild white girl (or “raving wild evil ghost little sister” if you read the characters in more literal manner)

It is worth noting that procuring the services of the “wild evil ghost little sister,” will cost a customer twice as much than purchasing the services of one of the local varieties, perhaps owing to the exotic nature of a potential interracial sexual encounter, or the rarity of such a product in the local market.

500 HKD is about $65.

In comparison, Filipina and Malay equivalents may hold great appeal to the bargain conscious consumer…

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