Dragonball Evolution Doesn’t Need Reviews


In a move sure to please American and European fans of the Dragonball franchise, Twentieth Century Fox has decided to release the film Dragonball Evolution straight to the public, bypassing the routine screening normally given to reviewers.

The exact same tactic already seems to have helped the film’s Japanese release…

Whilst it is customary for films to provide a screening for critics and the media shortly before its release to the general public, Twentieth Century Fox, possibly buoyed by the film’s tremendous success in Asia, must have felt such a cumbersome step unnecessary.

Via Io9.

The film enjoys tremendous hype: legions of fans worldwide have praised the film’s quality and it’s uncannily accurate depictions of its famous characters. Confidence in the film’s box office potential has already inspired the making of a sequel.

Given such factors, one must ponder the distributor’s curious decision of delaying the release of the much anticipated film in the two key markets a month after it has been released elsewhere.

The film opens April 10th in the United States and April 8th in Europe.

The live action adaptation of Akira Toriyama’s storied animation series looks poised to strike further box office gold…

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