China: “Destroy Japanese Anime!”


A recent comment by Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao decrying the lack of Chinese anime has incited a flurry of online support, with Chinese net users vigorously denouncing Japanese anime.

The Premier started the fracas by publically lamenting the current poverty of Chinese visual culture:

“There are times when I watch TV anime with my grandchild, but they’re always foreign works like Ultraman and so on, and few are domestically produced. We should be cultivating a domestic anime industry.”

Ultraman (which is a tokusatsu live action show rather than an anime per se) is currently all the rage amongst the youth of China, but parents are said to be anxious about the programme; net users criticise it: “Ultraman is Japanese. All he does is fight. Have all the Chinese who can make anime disappeared?”

More extreme voices of support are also heard: “Kill Ultraman and all the other Japanese anime!”

China has in recent years been working to strengthen its domestic anime industry, with a variety of successful titles being brought to air, such as 喜羊羊与灰太狼 / Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf, a hit children’s show with over 500 episodes aired since its inception in 2005.

However, heavy restrictions on the amount of foreign programming allowed also ensure that fans of international anime have no legitimate recourse for viewing their favourite titles, although mass-market anime such as Doraemon or Detective Conan is of course in a different league to niche Japanese titles.

Chinese are said to be generally critical of their country’s anime output so far, characterising it as “insipid, tedious and preachy”, suggesting more effort is required.

Via Record China.

Although the development of Chinese visual culture shows promise, and represents a potentially substantial market, with artistic expression so firmly curtailed by the state and with plagiarism and copying so rife, it seems the Premier’s utterances may miss the point…

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  • Hopefully there's going to be better Chinese space opera/sci-fi anime. I prey they do something along that lines. Would be cool to see a Chinese take on a Galactic Empire…without me having to research all this shit myself….

  • HentaiInRealLifeIsNotAwesome says:

    I can’t exactly agree with their opinions on not allowing Japanese anime but I do agree they should be working on creating their on anime or making more effort to do so, many past offerings have been lackluster at best and usually involve some form of copy infringement such as stealing backgrounds from other more popular anime shows or tracing.

  • I doubt he was actually saying ‘anime’ per se, more like the translators got lazy and just used ‘anime’ instead of ‘animation’ which has a broader meaning of just cartoons without geographic implications.

  • Right, hopefully I can try to stop the whole “China is shit” thing.
    Heres the deal, yes, China has a bad reputation, this is basically because America, a right of centre/right wing, capitalist country cannot make things in as greater mass, or for less money than the chinese, because obviously, China is a communist country.
    Now, Im essentially neutral in this whole debate, because I’m a brit, but I just want to point out that any of the allied forces in the second world war, especially Britain and America ¬.¬ would have been destroyed had it not been for the chinese, not only stopping much of their industry to help build war machines and guns, but also repelling the Japanese and other enemy forces, we’d probably all be speaking German right about now. Voice of reason, over and out. 😛

  • Chinese anime suck monkey balls. All they do is to rip off Japanese, which they did to Crayon shin and 5cm. I am Chinese so I know. The US is also semi-guilty of copying Japanese anime in their drawing style (ex: Teen titans and Avatar), but at least the story is fresh.

  • Uh, newsflash, China:

    Ultraman IS NOT ANIME! It’s live action! Chinese need to get their facts straight.

    “Destroy Japanese anime”? Did too much censorship clog your brains and dam up your common sense? Either make your own anime equal to Japan’s, don’t watch it, or as the other posters say, STFU! (That’s the first time I even said that.)

  • Anonymous Chinese Guy says:

    I understand that they should develop their own anime, but –

    This is rubbish, they should ask their own TV stations why they fail so much and can’t broadcast any anime better than ultraman shit. I mean, they’re still rerunning Sailor moon ffs >.>

  • Anonymous says:

    You yank rednecks should STFU, most of you dont know anything about China. Kongfu movies are made by the yanks in the US, or Hong Kong which is also a british colonie for most of the last 100 years. martial art movies and TV series only occupied a tiny portion of the totaly viewings in Chinese media, because chinese people are mostly interested in shows about cooking, romance, reality/documentaries, fashion, and military(military otaku, you wont believe how many military otaku is out there in China). Some Chinese hate Japan not because of the invasion in WW2, since although many european country invaded China, most chinese dont hate (I personally think we should hate whities but not the japanese) europeans as much as Japan. Why? Because of the Rape of Nanking, nothing else. We chinese are very realistic people, why we copy your stuff, because the Yanks wont sell it to us, and yanks wont let other people sell important tech to us, remember the fucking embargo!? We dont hate the japanese just because they started a war, it’s a fact, we really admire the WW2 Japanese military for achieving a lot, including defying the US for some times. If the Rape of Nanking and other mass killings of civilians never happened in the war, we would have had no objection to ‘greater east asia co-prosperity shpere’, most you fools dont even know what I am talking about, and yet you wont stop yapping, pretending to know things which you dont really know.

    • Anonymous Chinese Guy says:

      that’s racist y’know. If you tell sensible people about the Rape of Nanking they’ll say ‘sorry’ to us. But that’s beside the point. It’s history now. Nothing we do can change it.

  • Anonymous says:

    Wow, what a massive population of Japanophiles…learn shit before u guys speak shit, y’all act like a bunch of uniformed tards. China is currently suffering a minor lag, for a country that hasn’t died in over 5 millenia you are underating it. Even the chinese fags on here are fucking fake shit.

  • BlackHole says:

    i wanna kill all chinese ! damn~~ copycat ! they hack pentagon n soon ! damn~~ they made dangerous food and medicine too and export `em to other countries while they themself doesnt eat that foods/medicines ! they wanna dominate this world ! fuk~~

  • I think everyone is just messed up. If you had the intelligence to look up information yourself on China’s economy and their culture, you wouldn’t be bashing them because of this stupid biased post. And why are you relying on a Japanese post??? (common sense tells you that DUH someone is trying to defame them). By the way, without China’s production, you’d be on the streets by now from spending quality cash on products you use today. There’s a reason why businesses all over go to China: BECAUSE THEY PRODUCE 90% of the world’s products…Obviously these posts are mistranslated and has an intent to defame. Proves how much IQ are in those who bash right off their heads. Now obviously you will flame me, why? because you’re in denial and protecting your pride.

  • Dylan Kutruff says:

    fuck you all chinese animation is much better then japans japans well japans anime is actually chinese it is japanese who cant make anime cause there anime cartoons are childish it is china that makes anime liek beyblade and naruto and ect for japan

  • Dylan Kutruff says:

    do you think china would make anime like japans cause i like chian it is the second largest marketing country in the world so would you say yes or no because the bigger your country is the better your marketing so china someday will make anime right

  • I realize something..that is everytime this site has something to do with China, 99% percent of the chance that article is against it.

    Also, any China related posts will bring up huge arguments, 100s of comments…lol

    Quote”More extreme voices of support are also heard: “Kill Ultraman and all the other Japanese anime!”

    I think you did it on purpose… as far as I’m concerned, most chaps in china don’t hate Japanese anime, not even the parents. You just grab onto one or a small minority of the total population’s idea,zoom on it, make it sounds like everyone in china believes in the same kind of bull****. that’s really creative..really.

    They say Chinese copy stuff, yeah sure looking back into history, most of the stuff Europe had was from china, they copied it, made it better, and after that they forgot where the f their cilvilization cames from.

    lol, yeah sure the Olympic openning and ending was “Copied”.

    when middle east terriost post something online people will just laugh at it. but when Tibent

    But past is past, it’s gone, finished, there is no point to bring them back up.

    btw I can’t believe how much the westerners hate the chinese…it’s a big joke to me tho, coz i find no reason why the f*** some of the dudes here wanna kill the chinese so bad.

    Quote “I say we kill Chinese people.”

    Did they rape your mother? lol. Did they ate your dog? lol..

    I mean, what’s this unknown source of hatred? Who the hell told you everything you know about Chinese? News? TV talk show with some f***ed up guy who is racist in the first place? Or some “Creative group of people” uses the fun of Chinese in their ad? Come on, that’s not good enough.

    You wonder why Chinese anime sucks? Because the definition of animation in China is purely”Cartoon programs designed for low-aged groups, example 5-7 years old”. That pretty much restricted any possible growth of the industry.

    Anyway, my whole god damn point is, do not think that this “Bullshit talking Premier” really said that “We need to destroy Japanese Anime”. All he’s trying to say is that the chinese needs to develop its own cartoon and anime industry, nothing more or less.

    Can’t believe some people here acutally believed it”Kill the ULTRAMAN!!!!”. Another funny joke, huh?

    “Anyway, chinese will fall soon enough. A country can’t survive by exploiting to the extreme his people like they do. If they don’t adjust their economy and system soon enough, I predict China will fall. America is far ahead in a bright economical futur, when even thought they got some problem right now. But still, Obama is trying to bring back stability in world wide economy.”

    lol, it’s like, this dude here has seen everything, what? you the oricle or something? Maybe you should go back to Matrix world, Neo is waiting for you there.

    read, and comment with logic please.
    Those so-called Haters,pretenders with national hatred, racial hatred, those things doesn’t count in online environment..what can you do anyway by just pointing out that “I hate XXX”, are you trying to be special like a grade 2? Sorry but you don’t earn a merit for that. The same goes to self-haters. It doesn’t make you special as a human being by discrinimate against your origin country.

    As a Chinese-English fan-sub group member myself, I like Anime, infact I think it’s one of the best form of entertainment. of course I would like to see some China made anime, since in recent years there seems to be a improved understanding in Anime and original creation.

    Unfortunally you guys can’t read some of the stuff on Chinese Anime-focused sites. They’ve got some wonderful original stories and mangas. Animation is still too hard for Doujin teams in china to start off with.

    So yeah, there is still a long way ahead for Chinese Anime, but I’m sure under better environment they’ll grow a lot faster.

    PS: Stop hating each other and discuss some PROPER stuff.

    • I totally agree with you.
      Chinese are always portrayed badly by all the media. It’s just irritating, but I’ve got used to it… If they want to think that chinese are all evil, that’s their problem.
      Remember, chinese are more than 1,3M in their own country. The article only focus on 0,000001% peoples and make it a big deal. What the point? Maybe they need someone to bash for felling better.
      There is no wrong to want to improve your own anime industry, I don’t see anything bad from the premier minister. Contrary, I think he just want to motivate chinese industry for being more creative. That’s a good things.
      The article just made it sounds bad (really bad)… that’s all.

      PS: Sorry for my lack of english, I’m a french who haven’t practice my english from a long time ago…

    • this goes the same with Korean-related articles too. seriously what is with this Artefact guy and his goons? are you too arrogant to see YOUR own flaws as well? just because you make SOME good points doesn’t make you completely right. I BET you will respond with something I did noting of the sort I’m just providing they WANT I’m not biased or racist I’m signaling out and generalizing one person or a bunch of people to represent an entire group, race, nationality, etc. blah blah blahhhhh. but really is it something that the people NEED?

  • Dylan Kutruff says:

    anime was orignally from japan by a fucking china man named kuling sooyoung and then spread to the racist country of japan i dont balme china for hating anime i do cause it is freaking racist no blakcs no or not any colored people so that is a good thing china hatese anime cause it is racist and fucking not real and shut the fuck up china is the largest asian country in the world besides you should be worried about north korea and there missle launching gig

  • Dylan Kutruff says:

    why dont you all shut the fuck up china is the best country in the world anime is chinese so all you fuckers on this site can go to hell making fun of china is a fucking child gig it is the best country in the world japan is the fucking lame country whos ecoomy is no where better then chinas so suck my balls fuckers go to hell read my goddamn lips anime is chinese it was cause china is the largest fucking industrial marketing country in the world if you fucking make fun of china then you need to go to hell cause china makes lots more important stuff then you can immagine like baby stuff toys games watchese ect so up yours china is better then japan and anime is chinese china is the best asain countery in the world and you know what i hope north korea sets of there nuclear missle and kills all of us and including japan i hope you guys and all japanese go to hell long live china fuckers

    • Anonymous says:

      You contradict yourself so many times. First it’s China’s the greatest country in the world then you change it to greatest Asian country because it’s not the greatest country sorry but its not. Second you say long live China but before it you say you want everyone to die by nuclear missile. You seem pretty conflicted. Also talking about oh China created Anime is very pretentious as if you looked at the oldest source of anime and anime of today they are completely different. So it doesn’t really matter who originally made anime as the anime of today is Japanese as they have developed it and changed it to what it is today.

    • Anonymous says:

      good Japan is the GREATEST nation in the earth no, the universe. In fact, putting it into words does not do its greatness any justice at all. Just submit to their greatness. The chinese (CHINKS)AND Koreans (GOOKS) ARE LIARS and less then human beneath pigs no ants. Anyone who disagrees should DIE a horrible death.

      • mhm, okay, right, are you a white nationalist or something? All I know is that you are choosing to state that Japan, a country still highly connected with naziism, Im going to take it that you are still sore from China, America, and the UK kicking your worthless asses around the globe? Okay, just thought I’d snap you out from your little rascist rant.

  • Chinese cartoons (donghua) suck so horribly. The lip-synch is completely off, coloring looks like something out of a 7-year-old’s coloring book, I’d never watch it again, after having tried so throughout my youth. The only thing China does great is dubbing Japanese anime, their job blows US versions out of the water.

    • Anonymous says:

      5 Japan is the GREATEST nation in the earth no, the universe. In fact, putting it into words does not do its greatness any justice at all. Just submit to their greatness. The chinese (CHINKS)AND Koreans (GOOKS) ARE LIARS and less then human beneath pigs no ants. Anyone who disagrees should DIE a horrible death.

  • Anonymous says:

    One misunderstanding about China and anime is that it’s only the Chinese government that doesn’t support any forms of animation other than its own, not its people.

    Actually, China has its own animation style, but those *real* artists feel no need to work in China’s animation companies since they do not feel the need and detest China’s way of anime banning.

    So before anyone says anything about China plagiarizing Japanese anime, keep the extent to only the government, not the people. Don’t belive it? Check out Shel, Eno, or Benjamin’s works. Attack the gov all you like, but just because the gov is corrupted, it doesn’t mean its people are.

  • -_- Chinese can go ahead and try to make a better anime than Japan, no one is stopping them.

    Just leave the Japanese anime alone while they make their own anime. Ever heard of fair competition?

    But of course, being a communist country. That might not apply to Chinese.

  • Trust me.
    every chinese is a skin head one. the Russian skin head is sinking on it.
    The Whole thing we can see now is totally “chinese’s national selfish” in all things, anime, game, economy, military, …

  • China are great people, but they become racist about Anime like Ultraman.

    I might say that China is becoming the worst country ever because they dont like anime.

    if China dont like anime, so, they shouldnt watch it.

    its their problem.

    Anime is fun for everyone. I know some people dont like old anime like Doraemon or Case Closed or even Ultraman.

    So China, GET THE HELL OVER IT ABOUT ANIME!!!!!!!!!!

  • Riot Gear says:

    Anime is a Japanese slang word for animation.In most foreign speaking countries,it’s a different word but nowadays it became a pop culture reference.I wouldn’t call it anime if it isn’t produced by a certain Japanese unit,it’s just a Japanese animated-cross-reference style byproduct like manga is for Japanese visual comic and manhwa is for Korean visual comic.

    • This “China” at present is not the real “China”. In the 17th century the “real” China invaded by a vessel kingdom from Manchu. This incident lead to formed the Qing Dynasty.
      Chinese never accept this defeat and follow the merge of Manchu Teritory to the mainland they claim it “Chinese”. The real thing is: China fall by the defeat in 17th century, the China today is the descentdants of vessel kingdom Manchu.
      Chinese, do you proud of it ?

      • Nice point, men.
        Back to the history, long before the rise of the Manchurian Yurchens, when Zhu Yuanzhang made a rebellion against the Mongols and became Emperor of Ming dynasty, he swallowed many non-Chinese lands conquered by the Mongols. It’s not legitimated at all, yes, but who care? The Chineses just kept on take the profit, always.

        Down to Chinese expansionism!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    A good part of the new Chinese youth watch anime.
    My cousin lives in Beijing, they get their subs about a day quicker than we do.

    Another example of old Chinese grudges.
    I hope people realize that not all Chinese people are like these fucktards.

  • Anonymous says:

    Actually I think that’s good news.

    Sure, China seems to have a bad reputation as a place with no copyright laws and no respect for artists’ works. How could they create good anime if they don’t value art? But let’s think about this for a minute. That country has over 1.3 billion people with varied cultural background (although I’m no expert it doesn’t seem far-fetched to think that southern Chineses and northern ones are quite different). Said culture is also frequently recognized as fairly interesting. Now take those elements into account and imagine the creativity potential of that country. I’m pretty certain Chinese anime directed by talented Chinese people could be fairly good. And refreshing.
    Of course such quality stuff won’t appear overnight. At first they will probably produce shitty anime aimed at young children. However after some time I’m pretty sure the Chinese anime market will follow the 90/10 rule that exists for everything, everywhere: 90% of produced goods will be mediocre and 10% exceptional.
    As for the “destroy Japanese anime” part… Quite frankly I do not see how the Chinese prime minister’s quote can be interpreted that way. We don’t even know who the quoted net users are. I would not be surprised if they were some of those radical nationalists who go crazy every time China is mentioned while normal people just do not give a damn.

    All in all a growth of the Chinese anime market could be a good thing for everyone. China would be happy, Japan probably wouldn’t care, and animation fans everywhere would rejoice to get new and culturally different anime. I’m looking forward to that.

    (My apologies for possible grammar errors or potentially offensive choice of words. English is not my native language so I do not quite grasp connotations and such).

    • I believe those ” radical nationalists” are actually the infamous Chinese internet police. China and Vietnam have a bunch of those guys to make sure that ppl on the net cannot go against their communist-autorianist government.

      I myself hope for some epic battle Chinese cartoon. Their cultural background guarantee that it’s not a bad deal, and very possible, too. XD

      But there is sumthing make me worry, the “Great Han expansionism” in the head of Chinese ppl. This event prove that.

      You Chinese ppl have the right to improve watever you want, in your own land, that’s your business, and no one like to interfere. But plz do not step on someone else foot, if you do not want to be chopped. That’s all.

  • mechwarrior says:

    China, the same country where you can shit on the street, own sex slaves, and use ATM booths as cum receptacles.

    Ahahaha, they’re complaining of poor quality domestic animation? They should be complaining about poor quality EVERYTHING.

  • New news on old topic actually, the Chinese had been going hard on Japanese anime for years. Even though they’ve recently collaborated with Hong Kong to make the wonderful “Storm Rider: Clash of Evils” and it’s upcoming sequel, young kids still goes “DO NOT WANT” and “VERY NO” when they see the animation their motherland had produced.

  • Wen: i bet its kinda cool if we had some domestically produced anime.

    a chinese: all hail Wen, now move your ass and get some anime done already! Another ch: no freedom of express, no anime. Another ch: thereare other issuses b4 we can make anime as quality as ja ones.Another ch: Another ch: wtf? kill ja anime!

    Artefact: china says, “Destroy japanese anime!”

    SC commoner: china sucks,china phail, china is plagiarism,.. i feel ashamed to have chinese blood in my vein…

    (comments/rants/viewcounts blooms to sth like over 200)

    Artefact: sensationalism FTW.

    • McThinkerton says:

      Amusing. These articles all seem to play out the same way. To have a proper China Quality post you must have:

      1. People who read title and look at pictures but who do not read entire article

      2. Anonymous China defender guy who brings up the 5000 year history thing

      3. Communist/socialist labeling argument

      4. Self-hating Chinese comments

      5. KonW trying to make a decent argument in China’s defense critical of Artefact’s techniques for growing his viewership (although not gets my attention like politics and panties so way to pander to your audience Artefact)

      Seriously though, a China that doesn’t suck is preferable to the current China. Yes Kon not every Chinese is a nationalist, Japanese/American attacking, robot under the control of the government, but with a population of over a billion people there are enough that are that it makes people uncomfortable.

      So go on China please quit sucking at making cartoons. Please provide suitable competition to the Japanese so that they can make even better anime since Americans are lazy and would prefer to just buy anime from Japan with money borrowed from China then make it themselves.

      Maybe if they get good at making cartoons they won’t have to steal as much…

  • Not every Chinese is the same, some love Japanese anime and manga and some do not; I guess the Premier’s grandson definitely do not want to agree with him if he can not watch Ultraman any more because his grandpa. Here’s clearly a gap between the older and younger generation of Chinese; Older Chinese people may hate Japan because the WO II (google for “Rape of Nanking”), while the younger generation loves Japan for its culture like music (J-pop, fashion, manga, anime) and as a holiday destination. This kind of post is prompt to be flammed by many against each other just as usual. Also anime is a Japanese term, the Premier must mean “卡通”, what “cartoon” means which is different, especially for the purists. This incident says more about the Premier (who want more national products – in this case: Chinese cartoons) and a bunch of trolls on the net ( who want to “destroy” Japanese anime): that they are more nationalists rather communists. Also google for what communism really means if you really don’t know what it is in theory and in practice. Maybe a South Park episode about this should be made, since this is so funny, especially with Eric Cartman & Co..

  • Lol…Does China, or Wen actually realise that there will never be anime produced by Chinese? To call a project done by, and done in China anime, is itself an insult to anime. Anime is only anime when done by, produced in, and voiced by Japanese.

    Just because there’s a lack of production of cartoons in China, doesn’t mean China should actually start producing. It’s only going to be FAIL. In Chinese, there’s this saying “Ban Men Nong Fu”, which literally means to craft an axe just outside a renowned blacksmith, and claim it’s the best. Basically, it means that: There’s absolutely no point in trying boast in front of an expert. China will only emphasize on its failure on cartoons if it does try to create something akin to anime.

    Wen’s comments: Pointless, fail and I believe was never processed properly before relaying to others.

  • Anonymous says:

    China doesn’t have an anime style. They just plagiarize other people’s works and CLAIM it as their own. I went to the INTERNATIONAL Tokyo Anime Fair 2009 and they actually had a section for Chinese produced “anime”. It had the Journey to the west and some other stuff but it’s basically all the same shit. They copied drawing styles from Disney and all of them had MARTIAL ARTS and FIGHTING SCENES! And they had the galls to complain that all Ultraman does is fight? O, and guess what, I was at the Anime Fair the whole day and NOT ONCE had I seen the seats (maybe like about 20~40 seats) all filled up. At max probably 5~10 people there at one time. It’s so laughable. At least I got a good pic at one of the China girl in a China dress. That’s about the ONLY thing that China has done right in their entire history. If only they had expand on making better/more/better advertised China dresses, they’d actually make some fucking progress.

  • Lol Weeaboo meter exploded here. I do pity the ignorants and uneducated in these matters. Majority of the aricles interest me here, but the comments are what hits the spot for laughter.

    Anyway they mentioned (creating own animation) this in a documentary about animation last year too. However this just gave rise to the more extreme haters. You’d be surprised how much one can do if one rallies enough hate. Iraq anyone? So as usual the extremists take advantage of this situation and the usual thing blah blah blah happens and NTX pretty much summed up another reason. I don’t believe it’s the best mind frame to be in, but…the Otaku’s there have it hard.

  • Anonymous says:

    This is a symptom you see with unsuccessful governments.

    They’ve had this propaganda they’ve used on their populace, saying, essentially, “We are the Best! / We Can Never Fail!”.

    Then, the government can’t admit failure admit failure without also admitting, “We lied to you.”.

    So, it uses more lies, covers up failures, etc.

    As to “Why is Chinese anime so crummy/ripoff?” (which according to comments posted, it seems to be), consider:

    (1) Was it created by a state-owned agency? (“Do it, and do it fucking right now, don’t talk to me about schedules, I don’t care what it takes! Do you want to be fired/shot/whatever?!”)

    (2) Was it created by a desperate-for-money company, or one run by greedy management (who want $$ to purchase cool consumer items they see in foreign-to-China advertisements)? (“Do it, and do it fucking right now, don’t talk to me about schedules, I don’t care what it takes! Do you want to be fired/whatever?!”)

    (3) Both Japan and Korea (after WW II) went through developmental stages:

    1 Cheap, poorly-designed-and-made knock-off goods.
    2 Quality, well-designed-and-made knock-off goods.
    3 Quality, well-designed-and-made original designs.

    Japan and Korea both are at level three. China doesn’t seem to be there quite yet.

    Governmental officials “blaming” another country’s products for their own relative failure is a way of distracting their own populace (going back to the “can’t admit failure” theme).

    And, it’s not like there’ve never been crappy/insipid/stupid/stolen-idea Japanese animes.

  • Geez.. Chinese in China, why can’t you guys be like those in Singapore? They’re opened to Japanese cultures, has a tons of awesome manga artists, huge tendencies on otakuism and they even produce they own quality anime; LaMB.

    • Hahaha, first of all, that Red Chamber ‘visual novel’ you are probably referring to is technically not an ‘eroge’ for it has no ‘ero’ in it. Least I’m pretty sure it’s has no ero anyway.

  • Goofy Goblin says:

    Seriously, China should stop bitching about the awesome success of Japanese Anime. I’m an American fan of Anime and have been for years (and I still am) since Sailor Moon came to America. As long as Japan still exists, there will ALWAYS be Anime. Period. So, China, just deal with it. Japanese Anime reigns supreme over whatever it is you make over there, pirated or not. Sorry, China, but you FAIL. I doubt anything you do make over there will be better than any of the old or new and upcoming Japanese Anime.

  • Anonymous says:

    Oh lawd, have any of you actually read the article? The premier simply said that China should develop its own animation industry. Basically he’s saying that the Chinese should support more home-grown works. It’s no different from the Canadians lamenting that all the movies and shows they watch are American.

    And as for the “kill Japanese anime” comments, there’s obviously psychos in every population. The comments are hardly representative of most Chinese.

    Oh Artefact, I know sensationalism sells, but you could have picked a less inflammatory title…

    • Except that most Chinese probably would harbour negative sentiments about Japanese anime on their screens…

      And when the Chinese Premier says something unthreatening and apparently harmless, remember just what sort of regime he is presiding over.

      • Anonymous says:

        5 Japan is the GREATEST nation in the earth no, the universe. In fact, putting it into words does not do its greatness any justice at all. Just submit to their greatness. The chinese (CHINKS) ARE LIARS and less then human beneath pigs no ants. Anyone who disagrees should DIE a horrible death.

    • Freedom III says:

      Like you, *some* (read: the ones with at least half a brain) actually read the article itself…of course, for some, the title doesn’t really matter, seeing as they (including myself) read all of the articles posted here anyway (if you can call looking through epic galleries “reading”…

    • Anonymous says:

      The quote on this page is translated from the Japanese translation of what Wen said. The Japanese use “anime” (アニメ) to refer to all animation, not just their own. So even Spiderman, The Smurfs, etc. are called anime in Japanese.

      Wen probably just said “animation” (动画) in the original Chinese, which was rendered as “anime” (アニメ) in the Japanese translation. Then the English translator just left it as anime.

      tl;dr ver.: He really means animation, just animation in general.

      • The general convention we’re adhering to here is indeed the wider meaning of anime, particularly when dealing with Asian cartoons (which in this case are often actual Japanese anime localised to Chinese).

        I’m surprised nobody has commented on why Ultraman was included with anime…

        • I can relate to that, since Sentai programs here are called anime…

          A TV station here bragged that they are the first to make an ANIME here in the Philippines, but what they did is just some cheap live action of kids that have weird hair and fights against evil… they think that having weird hair styles makes it an anime…


          On another note, IF ever our country make a quality animation that’s looks like Japanese.. can it be called anime?

          Since most Japanese animation’s in betweens and tracings are done here for cheap labor…

  • Riot Gear says:

    Chinese animation sucks and that’s why they pirate Japanese anime shipped to different regions like Asia;their dubbing sucks too.I’ve seen dubbed Dragonball and Sailormoon in Cantonese and Mandarin versions and it’s just plain awful.By the way,it’s not the language but the dubbing.

  • Lot’s of interesting comments. I’ll keep things simple. If China makes a good anime, I’d watch it. I don’t care where it’s from. If it’s good, I’ll give it a chance.

  • Do not agree…

    That’s why we keep seeing americans and another countries making “fake animes series” and forgeting how to be original.

    Anime is from Japan and no place else

    Korea have their manhwa and the abilty to create good mmo’s games (and the ability to spend 23hr per day playing the same ¬¬)

    China only knows how to censure and make fighting movies

  • Anonymous says:


    Thats the one and only problem…with ALL visual forms of entertainment that loses to anime…that and american cartoon just plain sucks without being preachy. As for the chinese ones…its preachy.

  • They should make one based on the legend of that monkey with the expanding stick, I bet that would be popular. Or something about the Seven Kingdoms, or the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Or one about a kung-fu boy who turns into a girl with water that has a comical “samurai” Japanese boy rival…

  • ImperialX says:

    Pretty ironic really…Chinese subs for anime come out even faster than English ones, and retail manga comes out faster too. Take K-ON!. Chinese subs came out 3 hours before Coalguys, and the quality isn’t mad.

    China isn’t really putting in much of an effort in “destroying anime” if you ask me.

  • I think it’s a good idea for more countries to start making anime, not just Japan. America didn’t do too bad with Avatar the Last Airbender. Teen Titans wasn’t too bad either. The Osamu Tezuka form seem to be gaining more and more influence abroad, and I wish it well.

    However, this right here just seems like racist/nationalism against Japanese as well as probably anti-anime to some degree. Some of these people probably denounce anime altogether just because it’s from Japan/popular in Japan/majority of comes from Japan. And that I do not support. Talk about how you want to support anime in your own country, not destroy the anime of another country.

      • Firetribe says:

        Teen Titans is an american production, while Avatar was written by an american but produced in Korea.

        American 2d animation is mostly cheap kids cartoons and some average quality ones designed to sell merchandise. 2d film is dead at the moment. Some business type people in the industry think that people aren’t interested in 2d and its for kids. So all we have now are forgettable 3d films: In a decade, no one will remember Kung Fu panda like they do Snow White.

        Don’t expect any good anime from America, we are still trying to figure out how to write quality manga.

        • Anonymous says:

          I’m can agree that probably no one will remember Dreamworks pop culture based computer animated films, like Kung Fu Panda; but Pixar makes some great stuff (outside of Cars) that has staying power. So not all American 3D animation will be forgotten.

          Though I will say you are right about 2D sucking balls in America. I think the last good American 2D movie was Iron Giant (the director of that works for Pixar now).

  • China still hates Japan because of their war crimes (ie. the raping and the killing of a few million civilians). The sentiments are still strong in some people, even my parents are still a little sore at them and we’ve been in Canada for 24 years. This’s a little like Jewish children having nothing to watch but German cartoons, some parents’ll get angry.

    • give it a generation or two before all the hate eventually die out. it’s understandable for the old generation to hate japan and Japanese related things but as far as I can see younger Chinese don’t really give a shit anymore (actually, they don’t seem to care much about anything…but that’s besides the point)

      really,who can blame them for not maintaining their parent’s grudges? Japanese culture has so much to offer; games, anime, music, idols, manga, porn it’s a goldmine for new media culture.

  • Izu Taisa says:

    shit.all china news here has always been a bad one.but this one is the far would they hate Japan,revenging their lost in WWII?shit.


  • China sucks… They’re master of pirated things… All they do is copy…

    What do they want us to watch? Dragon Ball Yao? Or Ultra Chinese? Or Kamen Rider China?

    Dragon Ball Yao is about some Chinese guy who trained martial arts with some Chinese monk and evil Japanese aliens comes to China so that Chinese Goku beats them up and sends them to Japan.

    Same goes with Ultra China and Kamen Rider China…

    Either that or we’ll have to watch their very lame anime… No lolis, no oppais and no story…

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually the Chinese version of Dragon Ball is called Journey to the West.

      Journey to the West is about 孫悟空 (Sun Wukong or Son Goku, depending on how you decide to read it) guarding a monk on his way to India to retrieve sutras.

      It was written in the 16th century.

      • Anonymous says:

        Problem is, even if China makes their own version of 三國志 (Sango-ji) anime, or in Japan 三国無双 (Sangoku Musou) anime, it will still be a grade that is lower than $hit when compared to the Sangoku Musou. AND IT’S ABOUT CHINA’S OWN HISTORY!!! Japan makes anime about China’s history even better quality than China could do it themselves.

    • “Either that or we’ll have to watch their very lame anime… No lolis, no oppais and no story…”

      more on pro-China, commie, anti-Japan and anti-US propaganda BS, me thinks. 😐

      One fine example though is an animated series depicting a few Chinese superheroes who help the oppressed Tibetans from the evil clutches of the Dalai Lama. 😀

  • Lmao, it’s like no one read the article. The Premier says they should be working to improve their own animation industry.

    …While other more, er, passionate…people, that every nation has, went off on some Anti-Japan tangent…

    Got to congratulate Artefact on choosing another hit heavy title though. 😛 .

    (And just to be clear, no, I’m not implying that’s a bad thing.)

  • Victor Delacroix says:

    I want to watch Pleasant Goat, if only for the incredible name.
    Mao destroyed the Chinese animation industry a long time ago, and so no one there has anyone GOOD they can learn from. Besides, China has already proven that they can’t put out anything worthwhile besides martial arts films.

  • JimmyLuong says:

    If they want to make anime….well i say good luck to them i’m sure they will need it.
    If they ever make a decent anime i will be glad to watch it.
    Beside not all thing from china is that bad, i believe there plenty of great movies coming from china so if they invest money and times i think they may come up with smt good.
    P.S:i’m not chinese or anything,it just why don’t we look in a optimistic way i think there too much chinese hater around here

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah, I’ve wondered about Chinese anime/cartoons myself, too. I myself am Chinese, and when I visit China (family), I would find these…HORRIBLY animated shows on television. I mean, it’s not that making a quality anime is impossible for China; these guys just aren’t trying.

      It’s saddening, really. But if the Chinese were never meant to make anime, then they shouldn’t bother, not destroy others who can. This “Premier” guy is just talking bullshit and thinks he’s cool for doing so.

      • @apez1267

        Japan is the GREATEST nation in the earth no, the universe. In fact, putting it into words does not do its greatness any justice at all. Just submit to their greatness. The Koreans (GOOKS) ARE LIARS and less then human beneath pigs no ants. Anyone who disagrees should DIE a horrible death.

      • …You serious? lol. A legitimate reason to hate a whole nation and it’s people? That’s fairly elitist and ignorant don’t you think? Sounds no different than these extreme nationalists and ilk. There is never a justification to hate an entire nation, that’s like saying ‘I hate all the *XX*, not being racist here.’You either accept being a racist, or you don’t generalize an entire nation and specify who and why. Don’t hide behind some over-generalized justification of an entire nation. If you don’t mean the entire populace, then at least specify…

  • Anonymous says:

    Perhaps they should worry about dealing with their government that heavily suppresses thought that deviates from what is considered the norm first. Can’t exactly make an interesting story without thinking outside the box a little.

    • The same “heavily suppresses thought” is occuring in many of the so-called democratic countries, as much as what is ocurring in China. Think about the Obama health care reforms and the crap thats being said by many “patriotic” Americans and the attempted cover-ups and propaganda being used under the “political” lable yb both parties and under the guise of a “democracy”

    • Ohhh, you can say the same about the US. It’s just that they have so much funding to do it you don’t notice they are brainwashing you, and even if you do you don’t care because your patriotism makes you look the other way.

      • Anonymous says:

        Why, yes, actually, I did notice they do that sort of thing here (USA).

        It’s not really brainwashing — it’s far more subtle.

        Kids are not taught to reason.

        I started 1st grade in the 1964, and I _NEVER_ had a class or unit on “critical thinking” or “reasoning”. The closest was a philosophy class I took in college.

        So, don’t teach kids how to reason, smack ’em if they step outside the “politically correct box”, and feed ’em bullshit, via TV and via the primary schools.

        It’s a conflict of interest for the government (or corporate entities) to control and/or influence primary schooling. For differing reasons, the corporates and politicians want fat, happy, dumb, un-reasoning sheep.

        “Schooling” is another word for “indoctrination”.

        • Anonymous says:

          Informal reasoning is taught in primary and secondary school, and more rigorous methods of reasoning are taught in certain areas of secondary school. The caveat is that you do not need to be able to pursue or retain this information; you simply need to game the system. If you want to learn to present arguments in essays or debates, want to learn methods of proof in mathematics, or the inductive reasoning of the sciences, then it is possible*. It is also possible to eschew this in favor of regurgitating lecture contents, cheating, and taking the idiot tract. If you really weren’t expected to reason at all until you studied sentential calculus in university, you might want to wield a smaller brush.

          * With the caveat that there is no uniform quality to U.S. public schools due to local culture, governance, and funding. In one school Geometry is an exercise in learning to write proofs, and in another it is an exercise in preparing for the SAT I.

  • Anonymous says:

    Should focus on other things. Should accept the fact that Japan is the best in anime, I mean that’s where it all started. Wasted effort to try to compete with Japan in that industry or try destroying it. Chinese btw.

  • SinSnakeZ says:

    I am Chinese and I say what the “Premier”, his lackeys and mindless supporters are doing is just plain wrong. Instead of attacking anime, start producing better animes or at least stop copying other country. An attack on anime is a declaration of war on “people who likes anime” aka “otakus” everywhere.

    • Lol, ironically they didn’t even aware themselves that most of their kung fu movies does nothing other than fight, and for their romance dramas, they spent the whole dozens of episodes crying and snotting.

    • Um sorry, since when have you invented someting orignal that helped the world… but I digress
      paper, compass, gunpowder, movable printing, blast furnace,fire lance, land mine, naval mine, exploding cannonballs, multistage rocket, and rocket bombs with aerodynamic wings and explosive payloads,porcelain, paper money, restaurant menu, all Chinese inventions look them up in “Chinese inventions” in wikipeida. Looks like the West copied a HUGE amount too, an incredibly massive amount of plagrism.

    • And has anime stopped Japan from sinking into unemployment? Has it expaned Japan’s military? Has it stopped Japan’s social problems(aging pop, extremly low birth rate?)

      As usual such huge problems are ignored by the dumber ones…

    • skill is not the concern, the quality demand is. when you look at all those plagiarized products you figure out how much they care. i’ve seen god gundam model with “Dog Gundam” printed on the box. infact, they don’t take chinese words which pronounce “gundam”, the official name is literally “big cannon robot”. which gives you, Dog’s Big Cannon Robot, and the consumers aren’t bothered.

    • posers!!! stop trying to do what we amaricans try to do best,- try to be the best at everything, the only difrence is that if u fail in china they will make u work in a a coal mine or something were as in amarica u will just be laghed at and then forgoten

        • And how did the Global Finacial crisis start??
          Thats right, USA-guilty, completely, don’t believe me, just look it up: sub prime morgage crisis
          You guys DESERVE your fucked up job situation and economy,2 wars and a huge numbers of enermies but counties and individuals
          China’s going to overtake the USofA in the next century and even if they don’t India, Russia, EU, Brazil, Australia(only country not in a recession), Japan, Korea will be doing so.

          But still if the average US person surrounds themselves with delusions of power like many of these posters, China would’nt need to even lift a finger, just create a fake obvious threat to the US (Tibet!!) and sneak 20 nuclear armed subs into US waters.

        • “its inevitable that china,india, or brazil will surpass the US …”

          Ha, Us has funneled so much into china and india…….we’ve given so much in the forms of jobs, technology, money and know how, and no matter how hard they try to be like the US, it ends up in complete failure.

          Chinese have plenty of dollars from goold Ol Wall Street and Uncle Sam and the best they can come up with is a Kung-Fu Panda+Fearless knock off.

          As for India, Even with Their receant Tech Sector boom, A sizible amount of the higher educated population is seeking work outside the country. Without IBM, HP, Cisco, Dell and the like, India wouldnt even be remotely close to where it is now……A country cant support its self on call centres and customer service alone.

          And only decent thing Brazil has or had is Agricultre, Revolvers (most of em licensed, not many indigenous firearms), Aeronautics( 80% of indigenous planes uses parts,IP, desings, ect,from the US and EU.)

          As much as the western world has fucked over the east, they are nothing without us.

        • Anonymous says:

          those people only cheat themselves. People keep saying that eventually white people will be the minority in the US, but they will still own everything, and still have all the power. The immigrants that don’t learn the language and become part of the system just become victims of it. Most of the power in the US is from Old White Money that isn’t likely to change anytime soon, especially when the government is giving them money so they don’t go broke.

        • Main problem with immigration nowadays is people who come but refuse to integrate themselves.

          They stay among them, do not learn the host language, refuse to follow the rules of the host country and keep theirs.

          In Europa and America, it begins to be a real problem.

          In 50 years, main language in America will be spanish and in France, arabic.

        • America is a nation of immigrants. Try as they might, no “old world” nation can have people swear an oath and genuinely become one of them (on a mass scale).

          Probably the main problem with US immigration is that it is geared to let in only Mexicans. Just try getting in as a European or Asian without marrying in…

        • ….nnnoooooo, not without difficulty. Our social services are leaking more money than our immigrants pour back in, and even the pro-immigration politicians occasionally screw up and cause another wave of deportation instead.

          That said, we’re definitely one of the /better/ nations about immigration. Poor France still has the occasional widespread riots.

        • Not really. People have been saying Latin America would develop fully for centuries, most of India is still a basket case, and Chinese growth is unsustainable.

          On the other hand, the US continues to host most of the world’s innovation and assimilates millions of immigrants without difficulty…

        • Anonymous says:

          the US should do something to north korea while “accidently” do the same thing to china

          one of those two countries “will” start WWIII i guarantee it. for the greater good we have to send Dr. Manhat…WAHT!! what do you mean it’s just a movie, what do you mean he never went godlike in the nam!

      • Who the fuck cares if China WAS 5000yo. That’s like comparing a 50yo man who does nothing other than watching TV at home with a 20yo genius student who already got a PHD and travelled around the world.

        • Anonymous says:

          no Japan is the GREATEST nation in the earth no, the universe. In fact, putting it into words does not do its greatness any justice at all. Just submit to their greatness. The Koreans (GOOKS) ARE LIARS and less then human beneath pigs no ants. Anyone who disagrees should DIE a horrible death.

        • all these people calling China great because of it’s 5000 year history, that’s like saying life started in Africa, Africa is the best place in the world! However we all know it’s shit and filled with AIDS.

          Sure China invented some things, but it wouldn’t be the first time someone came up with an idea, but still managed to suck balls themselves.

        • Yes, I’m sure one of the most history influencing chinese inventions ever made, gunpowder, would like to have a few words with MaidNiac. Not to mention the other world changing inventions.

          It may not be the greatest in the world currently, but to relate it to a 50yo who did nothing is beyond ridiculous.

        • No, you are wrong. Japanese people stopped importing Chinese culture since Tang era (618 – 907).

          They almostly don’t have confucianism (Song dynasty version) and Mao-ism, you know? =))

          And that’s exactly why they success in economical and cultural area while Vietnam and North Korea fail.

          Just believe me, I’m a Vietnamese in Vietnam :)), a poor slave nation of China.

        • you just a netizen !do you change everything with your fuckin mouth? CHN wat? much do you land? we have different national conditions
          densely populated and many things. can you change it with you mouth?

        • Please stop acting like Japan is God’s gift to the world, Weeaboos. It’s most definitely NOT an art style. It’s just a Goddamn word the Japanese use. “In Japan, the term does not specify an animation’s nation of origin or style; instead, it serves as a blanket term to refer to all forms of animation from around the world.” – Wikipedia FTW!

          BTW Anon, of course they didn’t call it Japanimation in JAPAN, you fucking jerk. That’d be redundant.

        • Anime just means animation. It’s not a style of art, any kind of animation produced in Japan is called Anime. Anime is short for Animation. When I was a kid it was actually called Japanamation, no lie. Anime is a Japanese word, not an art style. Stupid weeboos

        • Anonymous says:

          Anonymous, you’re an idiot. A lot of anime companies in Japan outsource their work. Anime is an art style. It doesn’t suddenly become something different just because a foreigner touched it.

        • Anonymous says:

          Lol…Does China, or Wen actually realise that there will never be anime produced by Chinese? To call a project done by, and done in China anime, is itself an insult to anime. Anime is only anime when done by, produced in, and voiced by Japanese.

          Just because there’s a lack of production of cartoons in China, doesn’t mean China should actually start producing. It’s only going to be FAIL. In Chinese, there’s this saying “Ban Men Nong Fu”, which literally means to craft an axe just outside a renowned blacksmith, and claim it’s the best. Basically, it means that: There’s absolutely no point in trying boast in front of an expert. China will only emphasize on its failure on cartoons if it does try to create something akin to anime.

          Wen’s comments: Pointless, fail and I believe was never processed properly before relaying to others.

        • @;__:

          Read some Axis Power Hetalia, it’s pretty accurate about history and it’s comical political satire. I lol when China raised and taught Japan, then when Japan got older, he attacked/betrayed China for no reason. Russia and China situations are funny too, can’t forget France either. Really China was betrayed and robbed so much in the past by the Europeans. Everyone wanted a piece of it, no surprise with all the inventions, riches from trade and the geography of the place, hence the ‘Opium Wars’ too. Greedy British back then enforced Opium into the country.