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Ronald Pimps Girl for Chicken McNuggets


A man, coincidentally named Ronald Vikash Gander (27), and his 16-year-old girfriend together sold a teenage girl to five middle-aged men, recompensing her only with an occasional box of McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets.

Threatened with eviction if she tarried in her duties selling herself to her clients, the girl, a runaway, was compelled to accept the wholly unsatisfactory terms of her involuntary employment.

In all, the girl earned $4,500 AUD, most of which were used to pay the rent on a Brisbane apartment.

We do not hear of the disposition of the remainder of the funds, save that portion used to procure the girl’s Chicken McNuggets.

The man was later arrested and charged. He pleaded guilty to one count each of “procuring prostitution with a circumstance of aggravation” and “knowingly participating in the provision of prostitution with a circumstance of aggravation.”

The judge presiding over the described the prostitution charges as “sordid.” In addressing him, the judge said: “The girl was used as if she was a piece of meat…and your conduct can properly be described as that of a sleaze merchant.”

However, despite the egregious nature of the crime, the man was only sentenced to two and a half years of jail, to be suspended after a mere nine months.

Via News.

Whilst one can sympathize with the young girl in this case, her compensation in the form of the popular American poultry snack should not be underestimated: shortages of the chicken treat have prompted some to call for emergency assistance.

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