Nightmare Days: Overflow Delays Cross Days Again


Notorious producer of barely working interactive yandere ero-anime Overflow has announced it will be delaying the release of its flagship title by two months, for the second time.

Previously the release was delayed from February to April, but it seems their nightmarish coding incompetence necessitated yet another delay.


The release will be moving from April 24th to June 26th. Whether this will require gigabytes of patches will be interesting to see…

Just how hard is it to string together a series of videos? Too difficult for Overflow, it would appear. Even their compatibility checker has had eleven revisions.

Most eroge producers may be almost devoid of technical talent or ability to innovate, but even so this is only matched by the recent debacle of Mahou Shoujo Ai’s pictureless release

Strangely, they did feel able to put together this jolly April 1st video:

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