Mother Drugs 13-Year-Old Daughter to Use as Baby Factory


Unable to have a baby, a woman instead repeatedly drugged her 13-year-old daughter for her boyfriend to impregnate and so produce the desired baby.

The woman (32) is now unable to have children, but wanted to have a baby with her 40-year-old boyfriend all the same.

The two hatched a scheme where he would drug her daughter, and then have sex with the young girl in order to impregnate her.

The attempts to drug the daughter proved as ineffective as they were indiscreet, and the young girl was able to fight off the impregnation attempts on no less than three separate occasions, despite the influence of the drugs.

The girl’s paternal grandmother reported the incidents to the police. The mother is facing several charges, including child endangerment. Her boyfriend faces charges of attempted rape.

Via Philly.

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