Nagi-sama Butter


“Tsurupeta” butter purporting to be made from the milk of cows grazing on the sacred land of Nagi-sama’s shrine is on sale at Gamers in Akihabara.

This may be stretching the truth, as the packaging is careful to point out it is actually “butter candy” (10 pieces), and the cows involved “may” have grazed the sacred lands in question.




Still, bearing the official flat likeness of Nagi-sama this is still a product worthy of Kannagi maniacs. It also comes with Kannagi themed mobile phone accessories; it can be had for ¥788 from Gamers.

The product itself was released on the first of April, but is “genuine”, if obviously a novelty good, and will continue to be on sale whilst stocks last.

Via AkibaBlog (dated the 2nd of April).



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