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Yakumo Yukari by Geister


Touhou illustration master Geister returns with another captivating image, this time of Yukari Yakumo posing alluringly in bed.

There are some more of works to admire below, along with a spot of entertaining controversy:


Izayoi Sakuya and Remilia Scarlet.



More of him on the Channel, or on Pixiv.

In case you were interested, there is some drama concerning the original masterpiece we saw, which now happens to be the highest scoring image on the Channel:



Unsurprisingly, the image is based on a photo (or “traced” as the comparison is keen to point out); unsurprising as the knees in particular look to have been impossible to draw without a reference.

There are some significant improvements in the 2D version, but the usual noisy debate as to whether this is plagiarism or normal use of a photographic reference rages…

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