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Dutch Wife Disaster: Onanist’s Penis Scourged with Glass


A man suffered critical injuries to his manhood after his girlfriend sabotaged his favorite Dutch wife, stuffing it full of sharp glass wool; when he engaged in a session of onanism, he inserted himself into the lacerating confines of the trapped ona-hole with disastrous results.

The penile punishment was apparently in revenge for his infidelity.

Andrei (28) and Anna (26) had met in a Moscow night club and were soon living together. After nearly a year, Anna discovered that her boyfriend was romantically involved with another woman.

Determined to teach her straying boyfriend a lesson he would not soon forget, Anna stuffed a piece of glass wool into her boyfriend’s latex penis extender. When she removed it, thousands of small glass particles remained within the cavity of the soft toy.

According to one of the doctors, “He probably did not feel the pain at first, just some itching. But it got worse when the glass reached his urethra.”

Andrei reportedly endured the excruciating wounds for several days without seeking medical attention, but when his penis finally became inflamed, rendering him incapable of so much as sitting or standing, he finally called for an ambulance.

At the hospital, doctors removed glass particles from the lacerated member; he appears to have narrowly avoided the need for amputation, as his many micro-wounds were on the verge of becoming septic.

We do not hear what his reaction to this punishment was. Police do not appear to have become involved.

Whatever the case, he is unlikely to be involved in any more unfaithful sex for some time, or for that matter be having any sex at all, onanistic or otherwise…

Via Mosnews (article dated 30th of March).

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