Moe Wine


The latest moe marketing initiative from a traditional industry slow on the uptake is wine packaged with an appealing miko on the label.


The wine is called 酔逸撫子 / Suitsu Nadeshiko (Sweets Nadeshiko), which is a contrived piece of wordplay using Chinese characters selected to sound like “sweets”, with the initial “sui” meaning “alcohol”. Such is the stuff of marketing.

The taste is said to be “sweet like Nadeshiko is pink.”

The creator apparently strives to reach out to the younger generation with the packaging, which is provided by mangaka 貴島煉瓦 / Kijima Renga. Further such wines are planned.

He is said to have been inspired during one of his regular procurement trips to France, by seeing the fame Japanese anime enjoys amongst young people there. Possibly seeing the wave of moe products coming out of late also inspired him.

The wine itself is available direct from the maker, going for ¥2,000 for a 500ml bottle.

Via Sankei.

If rice can do well so packaged, this product’s success seems assured.

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