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Xbox 360 Most Satisfying Console in Japan


The Xbox 360 dominates the Japanese market in terms of user satisfaction, if the results of a recent survey conducted by Famitsu are to be believed:

360 4.2
PSP 3.8
PS3 3.6
DS 3.2
Wii 3.2

Via Hachimaki.

It should of course be noted that the Xbox seems to have attracted certain types of gamer more strongly than others (for example, those interested in western games or Idolmaster), although it’s not clear whether this situation has persisted.

There is also some suggestion that Japanese users of the console are overwhelmingly male.

Also, the sales figures speak for themselves:

(figures in millions of units sold in Japan, circa the end of 2008)

DS 26
PSP 11
Wii 7.8
PS3 2.7
360 0.9

Perhaps Microsoft has a chance in Japan after all? Or is it too late for them after all?

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