Queen’s Blade to be Major Ero-Anime, Gets Ero-OVAs


Clothing malfunction game book series Queen’s Blade is set to air in April in its anime form, and all the indications are that it will overflowing with oppai and more.

Even the official site exuberantly talks of more jiggling breasts than you can shake a stick at, and the series will only air on a tiny handful of stations, all of which are known to be very liberal with erotic content. Major censorship marketing seems unlikely, though doubtless we will see some.

The trailer goes into detail on the matter of jiggling breasts and crotch-hugging serpents:

Additionally, the DVD and Blu-ray versions promise an extra special oppai OVA special episode with each volume; considering the content of the main feature, it should be interesting indeed. It will be a school/academy setting, apparently focused on service without the fig leaf of a plot.

Pre-orders have already opened, with release on June 25th.

This seems set to be the new season’s premier erotic anime…

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