Haruhi Second Season Due After All?


The latest announcements with respect to Haruhi are being interpreted by many as referring to a second season airing in April, not the generally inferred rerun of the first season.

Aya Hirano is quoted as saying “Reprising the role of Haruhi was a pleasure!”

Those prepared to believe anything now largely suspect a mixed broadcast of new and old episodes.

However, this is Kadokawa, so who knows what is going on…

The usual tedious Haruhi marketing continues despite the imminence of whatever is to constitute the broadcast, and ease with which confusion could now be cleared up. The summary:

In a lengthy feature, their careful campaign of confusion continues: above you can see their theme of “renewal” applied to an old promotional image, which has been redone (below).

The comments from several seiyuu, including Aya Hirano, manage to carefully avoid giving any useful information despite amounting to several paragraphs.

Aya Hirano says “Reprising the role of Haruhi was a pleasure!”, which many take as an indication of a new season, though many also think she may be referring to Haruhi-chan and Churuya-san

Some even speculate a mixed broadcast of the two is planned, following the original out of order sequence with an additional 12 episodes, though some wonder how Kyoto Animation could manage this whilst airing K-On in the same season.

We do learn that the show, whatever it is, is due to air in the early hours of April 3rd, so the truth cannot be long in coming.

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