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  • Strike Witches Release Nears, Free Copies Up For Grabs:
    although the trailer really doesn’t do the show justice, I’m looking forward to the release. Watched the first two dubbed episodes and they didn’t do a bad job.

  • Police Call Animal Crossing Players Paedophiles:
    smoke another one cops :x I guess I’m an evil person because I own a copy on the DS (which my son plays, and never online). perhaps they need to stop fantasizing about every single way someone can try to victimize a child and go after the actual criminals. really I think police have too creative of minds, as if they’re trying to figure out every little way a kid can become a victim (or just trying to get funding so they can have gaming systems to play…)

  • Suika Ibuki Plushie Sold for Over 9000!:
    I’d buy one of those for the price of any other normal plushie without second thought, but screw paying thousands or even hundreds.

  • 9-Year-Old’s Abortion: Mother & Doctors Excommunicated:
    excommunication is far better than death or the life she’d have had if she didn’t have an abortion. I’d chose it any day over popping out incest twins from a twisted step-father. Good riddance to a church that has those kinds of twisted ideas.

  • Manga in America = Naruto:
    Kinda sad considering how much is actually out there on the shelves besides Naruto. I’m in the US and I’ve never so much as seen an entire episode or opened up a Naruto manga, and I’m quite content with that. I prefer to read xxxHolic and Welcome to the N.H.K. among many other manga, and watch a large variety of anime like probably most everyone here. Maybe it’s deserving of some of it’s success, but I think people need to sample other things and open their minds a bit more to diversity.


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