Comment on Anime Ita-Tattoo Mania by Madyoukai:

wow suddnely i feel a lot less creapy for haveing both my legs done with anime tattoos neko asuka,rei,zeruel with the nerv symbol on the left leg and inuyasha,kagome,kikyo,sesshomaru on the right
i cant wait to get lucy with one of her vectors holding narutos head but i have to get the eva tat colored first

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  • Shota Domination Typing:
    great now i have to hit my self in the back of the head repeatedley with one of those yaoi paddles till i lose consciousness then hopefully when i wake this eroge and all ive read will be gone forever

  • Palmtop Ero Tiger:
    For the love of all thats ero someone make this in to a game for the DS

  • Mario Reenactor: Leverage in Action:
    Am i the only person that wanted to see him stand on the wrong side of the board? or am I just morbid


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