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Loving most of those. The Haruhi one looks scarily shiney. Still uber awesome though.
The last one is most awesome. Simple, but so cool. Its like the little stars people get. It’s not going totally overboard lol.

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  • Dengeki Prize Winner Guilty of Simmonsing:
    Anyone who knew Izumi Rei’s artwork would be able to tell that first image was an imitation or whatever. It was the thumbnail that tipped me off before I even saw the ToHeart2 fanart pic lol.

  • Extreme Manga Style Changes:
    Oh, and am I the only one who prefers the original Lucky Star art?

  • Extreme Manga Style Changes:
    Ofc styles will change over time. Happens without me realising usually lol, tis very gradual, was with Furuba anyways. But cos I read CCS Master of the Clow before the original 6 volumes, I noticed the style was less refined, chunkier lines n stuff. And WHAT is the song on the third video? The first song I mean, I know I know it… I’ve known it for years, but haven’t seen the show its linked too… help me!

  • UN Demands Hentai Ban:
    Don’t get me wrong, hate rape, hate the ero scenes in games which depict rape, but I would never go this far and ask Japan to quit it altogether. Ain’t hurting me, and I don’t have to watch/read/play it, I just ignore it and let it be. Not my problem, not my issue. Ofc as a woman, I should care more, but somehow I just don’t. And I wish the others in my gender would quit the bitching!!

  • Schoolgirl Murders 30 Men:
    Wowza… how’d she get away with 30 murders over 2 years… thats… impressive, and scary…


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