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Weaboo’s don’t feel special because nobody really likes them off of forums; thus they want to stand out and marr up their bodies with shit they probably won’t like in 5, 10 years time.

Lucky Star is good, but will you really love it more than anything in 10 years time? What anime did you love 10 years ago, is it still your favourite enough to want it on your body 24/7? Idiots.

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  • Anime Ita-Tattoo Mania:
    Really, i’m impressed. , collision repair estimates, medical equipment rental, 4 vinyl horse fence, breast lift south jersey,

  • Anime Ita-Tattoo Mania:
    On the contrary actually, as skulls smile wider than any face can.

  • Anime Ita-Tattoo Mania:
    I think the first one was good, at least it had a good/cool choice of motive. But agreed, even if I think it IS kinda cool, I wouldn’t get it myself. Because, like that other person said, in another 30 years it’s not gonna be the same thing.

  • Anime Ita-Tattoo Mania:
    I’d love to get a Zelda tattoo too, but a more simple motive. And I’d probably get it on my back. Arms/face/legs tattoos are so hard to hide, and I want to able to hide mine, in case I don’t feel like showing it off.

  • Anime Ita-Tattoo Mania:
    The detail on the one of Haruhi is fantastic… Not that I would get one myself, but kudos to the artist.

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    It was probably Russia to be honest, there’s reason to believe emperor was less worried about the bombs than a Russian land invasion through the rapidly falling Kuril islands.

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    And just like many Japanese, I am sexually more moral than them self righteous fookers, according to the fondation for their laws. Instead of free pump and dump dozens of chicks because I can with what I have earned, I used it among other things, to help those in need, by birth, by a life of bad decisions, or by birth and abandonment from one of these self righteous fookers. Yet instead you want to lock me up over hentai, cartoon porn, and anime waifu dolls? Over these fookers in powerful …

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    The online right wing are always offended by historic facts.

  • Titillating Emilia Ero-Cosplay Pretty Petite:
    What an ugly cheap band-aid. She could use more elegant penthouse-grade band-aids for better looks.

  • Obscene Hestia Ero-Cosplay Quite Creamy:
    Her right hand must have some brutal scar. Notice how she wears glove on right hand only?


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