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Agreed. While I don’t necessarily think ita-tatoos are the best idea, at least (some of) the victims have good taste.

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  • Angel Beats Tribute or Plagiarism?:
    If it’s a tribute, it’s a good one. Iwasawa’s hand was a nice touch, I think. It’s hard to make a case for this being plagiarism.

  • Angel Beats Quality Continues:
    That’s because she IS holding the broom. It’s blocked by boxes in the initial shot. She’s moved out from those boxes, and the camera angle changes later.

  • Angel Beats! In-Depth Recap:
    Thanks for posting this, Quen. After Artefact’s article, I was a little upset that there wasn’t equal coverage given to some of the better scenes in the episode, since there was just as much quality as there was “quality”. I’m in full agreement that the concert and Tenshi scenes were some of the best.

  • Queen’s Blade Yuri Bukkake Bathing Anime:
    I don’t see how you could possibly have expected anything BUT what has been aired. So Nanael is finally revealed, huh? I was starting to wonder if they were going to just use her as a tease up until the final episode.

  • MikuMiku Mega Gallery:
    Scroll up 12 images. That’s why. I can’t believe I never noticed this gallery until today. Excellent stuff.


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