Comment on Anime Ita-Tattoo Mania by Mao:

I’d marry #16 despite her tattoo. Or maybe because of it, I’m after all, a sorry nerd. Also, 8-bit fighter wins the topic by far.

Recent comments by Mao:

  • Minori: “We’re Banning You For Your Own Good!”:
    And I’m left to wonder how is it possible that supposedly serious companies won’t have the decency of hiring or at least freelancing a competent translator. Engrish is funny in casual contexts. In serious communication looks just shameful.

  • Otaku Terror Ranking:
    Hahaha gotta love the One Piece family and the Shinku crossdresser

  • What the Japanese Want in a Partner:
    Wait, so both genders give more importance to clothes and hairstyle than to other physical features? I had no idea they were so fashion conscious. That explains why my rugged good looks are not very sucessful amongst asians.

  • Anime Disaster Gallery:
    This gallery needs much moar s-CRY-ed. They fucked up visibly with the character design half of the time.


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