Idol Anri Sugihara Accidentally Posts Nipple to Blog


Busty idol 杉原杏璃 / Anri Sugihara (who can be seen in videos below) has caused a happy kerfuffle after she posted a picture of her apparently exposed nipple to her blog, and upon realising quickly removed it. Of course, 2ch and her fans moved faster, and soon the image was posted far and wide…

Above you can see the offending image, and the one with which it was replaced.

“I was in a hurry, and that last photo which went up yesterday looked as if it had something poking out from my top. So as not to cause any confusion I deleted it.”

The idol’s errant quasi-nipple soon caused festivities as the photo was passed around.

Not all are convinced it is a nipple however (just what it is in this case is not clear), as doubts are raised over its high position…

Whatever the case, it is an effective marketing tool, as doubtless few would have heard of her update otherwise. In case you are wondering what all the fuss is about, in the idol pecking order she is quite high up, as she does no nude modeling, so showing off her nipples is strictly out.

As to her gravure:

Those interested in seeing more nipple slips might like to check the gallery of such.

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