Haruhi Cosplays Kaori Kanzaki


Denizens of 2ch, noticing a resemblance between Haruhi Suzumiya with her newer, long-tressed hairstyle, and Kaori Kanzaki of To Aru Majutsu no Index, took it upon themselves to slightly modify Haruhi’s appearance in a recent magazine article to better illustrate their observation.

The result, above, is quite impressive, unsurprising given the recent quality of Vipper Photoshop mastery.


The actual Kaori Kanzaki.


The original Haruhi illustration, focusing on her rather fetching ponytail hairstyle. The blurb itself is regarding the April re-broadcast.

Haruhi might be distressed to note that particular attention was deemed necessary to the area around her oppai in order to pull off Kanzaki’s impressive physique, but then again, shyness was never one of her character traits…

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