Anti-Japanese Pantsu


A Chinese high school girl, proclaiming herself “beautiful”, has pursued a unique form of nationalist anti-Japanese protest, by placing anti-Japanese slogans all over her underwear and then posting photographs of the results on major Chinese boards, causing something of a stir.


Emblazoned on the seat of her pants is the legend “抗日”, or “Anti-Japan”, and she has similar slogans on the front (“Don’t forget the shame of the War!”).

The reason for her display is said to be personal disaffection at being spurned during study in Japan (there does not appear to be any connection to discrimination or racism – rather she is upset at Japanese not recognising her great physical beauty). After this, she felt it necessary to become an advocate of anti-Japanese sentiment.

The Chinese reaction is mixed, with some denouncing her as being merely an attention seeker, whilst others rally to her support in castigating Japan for some unspecified reason; there are plenty of frothing calls for revenge and similar too.

The Japanese reaction is generally one of amusement – some can’t help but observe that the “national shame” she is so concerned about might well be her.

Whatever the case, she seems at least to have succeeded in attracting attention to herself…

Via Heaven.

Japan itself has issued a huge number of apologies for its devastating wartime rampage accross Asia, and has over the years paid China many billions of dollars in development aid. A convenient external scapegoat appears to be too valuable to the Party to give up, however. None of this has any apparent connection to her good looks.

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  • wow did someone try to like beat her with an ugly stick but it just broke cause she was too ugly anyway? If this is considered beautiful I sure as hell don’t want to see normal or ugly. And that is far from underwear, its like really cheap shorts, I’ve seen people walking the streets that wear things shorter than that in the winter.

  • Beautiful? LOL! Not to me, but considering China’s gender imbalance, Chinese men don’t have much choice.

    Seriously, nobody should forget the past about what happened. Inciting hatred towards people who had nothing to do with things that happened in the past does nobody any good.

  • Dylan Kutruff says:

    I dont blame chian for hating japan i do as well i like them a tiny bit i hate them casue of ww2 and aniem which is hot for a innappropriate reason to attract watchers so that is wrong and rude and also because they dont make much more stuff then china does japan is lazy then china is i mean ww2 chinas chain kaishek said japan could have some land but when he menat that i dont think he realized thta the japanese would do the rape of nanking and other shit luike that which is perverted but yet you have to blame japan itself for ww2 cause germany started the whole damn war with china and then japan wanted some fucking action to begin with and guess what they failded ha ha chian is a large country and japan has no miltary because we kick there ass and made there military look like foos we gave them a contract that stated japan could not enter or start wars with other countries if so then we woudl be ready for them so you cant blame well maybe a can a little bit of china for hating japan i mean there communist goverment is why people in china hate anime they dont get to do what they want and speak up for themeselves and all i am saying is China hates japan cause of ww2 for the first and second sino war i know russia and china and korea have a unpleasent feeling for japan as well so china is no diffrent then them in a big way so but i dont think this ugly chinese girl should walk around in underwear that says a rude remark about japan i mean they should treat othere with repsect cause asians are asians whcihc is the same thing but diffrent languages and pronounciations even though china lost all of there people in ww2 that doesnt mean they have to insult other liek that but i kinda agree with hating japan for ww2 if japan would have stayed the fuck out of ww2 and avoid it then china would be pissed with them still it is basic science and geography so fyi if 600 japanese soliders today or travelers walk in to the chinese country i am pretty damn sure guns and blood will be or should i say woul;d be shed but seriously they need to get along and stop hating one another this cant continue for fucking 6 million more years so i hope japan goes to hell and i love china to tell you people in china arent as perfect as the japanese

  • Anonymous says:

    She’d look pretty in pretty clothes, posing at the camera, with a bit of makeup.

    Same as any girl.

    What’s all this China Vs Japan fuss about anyway? This isn’t the place for politics, we’re here for what the asian chicks look like, not what they believe.

  • Are girls in China really that ugly that someone like this biatch is considered… beautiful.

    Oh, other than that.. There’s no way ppl can put the Japan flag upside down to bring an anti-Japanese remark.

  • Hitoshura says:


    That girl is powerful. Just seeing the discussion triggered by her almighty “No Fucking Japan” pantsu here, I can honestly say that her action didn’t go unnoticed. This is probably the worst face of sankakucomplex ever. It’s shameful to see these discussions, as a human being.

    At any rate, the Hitler argument is wrong and often used by nazi apologists. In truth, the social-democrat government was doing its job quite well, Hitler only took the goverment and the credit (remember guys, he was never elected by the majority of German people, not even with a Treaty of Versailles and with poor uninformed German people). That’s actually the stupidest argument one can use trying to favor the Third Reich. Anyway, Hitler itself was pathethic, in every aspect.

    Also, Japan should issue a formal apology, just as every other country involved in war crimes should do. It doesn’t hurt. What I would like too see, though, is accurate history books. I don’t Japan to go “oh we’re so sorry”, but knowing history of your region is essential. And maybe we will at least have a decrease in the annoying amount of anti-Japanese and anti-Korean/Chinese comments in Japanese websites.

  • Anonymous says:

    She’s not that bad-looking…

    However, those Asians and their nationalism… it’s like a whole third of the whole world population and then some is stuck in the mental age of a kindergarten kid.

    • Honostly, I fucking hate the Chinese government, they’re just a bunch of lying bitches who is too afraid to tell their people the truth. BUT! That does not take away what Japan has done to my country. Plus, at WWII, the official Chinese government isn’t even the ones we have right now… Freaking communists…gawd….

    • Well do u know the real tibet?
      Maybe the tibet what you supposed is just as you see through Western or Japanese mass media such as cnn.
      As the same reason several Chinese hate Japanese blindfold .
      China is a
      mixed national country that different with Japan.
      Hopefully we can understand each other with no mistake.

      Most of us wouldn’t admit it.

  • shinaykahn says:

    man this is kind of shit with apologies and everything
    you can’t change the past and you cannot be held responsible for what your ancestors did in the past,but you can’t change your mentality and promote good relationships with other countries all this to prevent wars from happening.

      • Americans are very arrogant and pushy. They insist on meddling in other countries’ affairs and messing things up.

        Other countries are perfectly capable of killing their own people and messing up their own affairs, thank you very much.

        It will be a sad day for the world when the US completes its current slide to financial, military, and political irrelevance. Who you gonna hate then, assholes?

      • and what if America hadn’t meddled in those countries???
        You would then here 10 other countries yelling at America saying “Why don’t you help me?” or “America isn’t doing anything.” or “Why are you letting that dictator take over Kuwait?”

        blablablablabla…. When it comes to the world, the USA is either yelled at for what they have done or what they havent done. Yet, I am then left wondering, why the fuck can’t any of the other countries do it?

        • Anonymous says:

          Americans are just a bunch of hillbillies jerk-off a-hole who have sh*ts clotted their brains, that they need to mess with other peoples’ lives to fulfill their “superiority complex”. But they pay no heed to what happened in their own soil. What a bunch of hypocrites.

        • Anonymous says:

          …because America is the one who declared war on another country just because they held different belief and values?
          Or perhaps America’s “helping other countries” has done nothing but kill more people then it saves, and just plain fucked-up the country even worse then it was before…

  • a chinese says:

    [quote]Whatever the case, she seems at least to have succeeded in attracting attention to herself…[/quote]

    yep! in fact that’s all required.
    In our country,several people has been famous on the Internet in this way.
    we just regard them as a clown.
    that’s what the chinese phrase “哗众取宠” means

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m still waiting for people to wake up and see the crimes the Mao did to his own people. He killed more people the Japanese ever did, he harmed more as well. Yet you see him as some great leader. I SPIT ON HIS GRAVE!

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m not condoning what Mao did, but before he went cuckoo the Communist Party did a LOT of good for the Chinese people. The most fundamental thing was re-uniting a country that had been through conflict and war for decades.

      If there’s one good thing that the Japanese invasion and occpuation of half of China, it’s that it forced the unification of the Chinese against a common enemy.

        • You know, it’s really sad how people exaggerate for political purposes.

          You kill a few Jews and undesirables and right away it’s Holocaust this, genocide that.

          Those Jews are not that like-able anyway; did you know they have big noses and are very money-grubbing?

          The really great thing about fascism is that trains run on schedule.

        • the victors in this case decided to grossly exagerrate some of the atrocities…it was bad…but not as bad as some nationalistic people on the west says it is…

          Tell that to the Jews, blacks, gypsies, and pretty much anyone who had to go through that horror and once you are throughly pwned, get back to me.

        • I never said that Hitler start his madness only at the beginning of WWII.

          And yes, scapegoat + war has always work wonders because humans are sheeps who want to be led in crisis times and are prepared to listen everything.

        • Anonymous says:

          Well…the blaming the jews thing is called scapegoating…and Germany DEFINATELY isn’t the first, nor are they the last, to resort to scapegoating for self-serving purposes…and as scary as the holocaust was, and I dont deny it wasnt a terrible thing…but because Germany was on the losing side, and history is written by the victors, the victors in this case decided to grossly exagerrate some of the atrocities…it was bad…but not as bad as some nationalistic people on the west says it is…

        • Well couple of things, first off he starting his eugenics program a few years before WW2. Second was that his economy was built off war machines and thus he needed a war to sustain the economy. A very good way of reviving an economy is having a war.

  • Germany apologized, Japan did not.
    I honostly don’t consider that bullshit “regrettable” statements as apologies.
    If you are truly sorry, fix your god damn textbooks and tell your children the TRUTH!!!
    Did the German government ever try to lie or hide about what they did during WWII? No, and thats why I’m not pissed off at the Germany’s government…. But the Japanese government on the other hand, goes to temples with war criminals inside them, what the hell???

  • Anonymous says:

    huh….I never noticed those apologies until now…I guess they were private apologies between the governments…

    Now all we need is the west (France in particular) to apologize about vietnam…

    russians to the ukrainians (wait I think that might have happened already)

    and….usa to japan

    • On behalf of the USA this fat American would like to apologize to Japan for getting all butthurt about Pearl Harbor and blowing Japan’s sneak-attacking, invading, empire building ass all up.

      It was all a long time ago. Let’s let bygones be bygones, and move forward in amity and brotherhood.

      Also, thanks for all the hentai and the loli.

    • Some countries definitely need to apologize while other’s don’t. The USA certainly does not need to apologize for using the nuke on Japan while Japan does owe a written apology. Apologies are somewhat slow,*looks at Tuskegee Experiment* but they are needed for some people and if you do feel sorry for your actions then it’s not that big of a deal.

      • The USA doesn’t need to apologize for vaporizing hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians or firebombing a hundred thousand more (including women and children)? Oookay… Does the US only have to apologize for conflicts that it started (Iraq)?

        What criteria are we using here? I just want to know so we can apply it equally to ALL scenarios and not just be picky because of some racist prejudice or nationalistic fervor.

        Just want to be sure, you know.

        • I take back that last sentence or rather add this qualifier to it since god knows the injustices committed by countries when people thought it furthered their goals. The dropping of nukes on Hiroshima and Nagasaki ended an invasion that would have been highly costly for both the Japanese people and the Americans.

        • Well first off they had no clue about the side effects of the nuke(, second off the potential damage for Hiroshima I believe was amplified due to the mountains. It’s not like now where we have full understanding of the nuke and the potential damage. However to just say that it was a civilian target is incorrect. Not to mention if you view it from a military standpoint this makes 100 percent logical sense.

        • How about the US giving an offer of surrender before dropping the bombs and even after the first one. Also both targets were military in nature. The firebombings in Tokyo are sad but if you are even remotely equalizing that to the Nanking Massacre, torture of POWs, Changjiao massacre, or the human experimentation then you obviously
          need to wiki some of the stuff the Japanese did.

          The only reason the US was spared the huge amounts of casualties on the civilian side was due to distance, look at Britain during the V1 bombings. Or Japan starting a war over their imperialistic ideas and attacking Pearl Harbor first? Oh and yes the US should apologize for some stuff, Iraq(history will tell on this one), possibly Vietnam, and other conflicts included.

  • Anonymous says:

    Oh wow. Artefact once again demonstrates that he’s just another stupid weeaboo who thinks Japan can do no wrong! Your posts are entertaining, but the political slandering against China and Korea on this blog is just absolutely astounding.

    But let me guess, you’re probably a Nanking Massacre and Unit 731 denier as well. The amount of extreme nationalism and lack of respect over Japanese war crime victims on mainstream sites such as 2ch and follower sites like this really shows that Japan as a nation and society have next to no feelings of remorse over what they did in WWII.

    • Yes WE KNOW. Japan did horrible things, including human experiments. We all know. But most, if not all of the people who did that ARE DEAD, or dying. What’s the point of hating an entire nation for what some idiotic fascists did? You actually think that the whole population of Japan was rooting for what the country did? You think all Germans were Jew hating Nazis? No, they were not. Leave the goddamn past in the past and MOVE ON.

      • Anonymous says:

        you ask people to move on, because you never had any relatives killed by Japanese because of their crucial medical experiments.

        you ask people to move on, because you werent born and raised in a city where no one over 70 were born here. Only less than 100 out of 300,000 people survived in the week Japanese army came in.

        you ask people to move on, because you have never seen 80 year old people crying like a 5 year old kid, showing you their scars because of Japanese.

        yes, i do need an official apology, and yes, i moved on in my life because i dont hate Japanese people now. but i will never forgive what they have done in the past and no matter where i would be in my future, i will educate my kids the truth. not lies

        • Oh god. So because every other country has commited war crimes, that makes us undeserving to an apology? I don’t quite think thats how it works buddy. And plus, Japan STARTED the war, they got bombed because they bombed FIRST. Oh and btw, I guess the Nazi didn’t need to apologize either then, it’s “war” after all, right?

        • War sucks, FOR EVERYBODY. Stop playing the only victim. You think only China had casualties? There is no victor in war. You actually think that the people want war? And come on, China never committed war crimes? Is there ANY country who hasn’t?

          And really, most of the people whining weren’t even BORN then.

        • You know, if you’re talking to an American, the odds aren’t bad that one of his/her relatives fought in WWII in the pacific theater, maybe even fought at Pearl Harbor. So, you can lose the whining victimization complex. It’s war. It sucks. It impacts a lot of people on both sides. No one is disputing that.

          I don’t see you demanding the US apologize for firebombing over 100,000 civilians to death in Tokyo, or dropping the Atomic bombs on two populous cities. Do you honestly believe the only inhumane acts in the entire war came from Japan? Do you honestly believe the Chinese have never, in their history, committed cruel and inhumane acts that they haven’t apologized for, even as much as Japan has tried to? I hope you aren’t that deep in your nationalistic fervor that you can’t see that.

      • The Japanese government is still honoring war criminals and putting them in temples. And yes, during the wartime, most of the country did root for the invasion, as did Germany with the Nazis. Look, I agree that we should move on. But moving on does not mean forgetting about our past, especially when those who inflict pain upon us has not even bothered a official written apology. Oh the list will go on, but I do not want to get sentimental…Orz

        As much as I love the Japanese people(and their anime, manga, pantsu…etc) I simply cannot condone certain things that the Japanese governments are doing.

      • Anonymous says:

        You still don’t get it? They CHANGED the TEXT BOOKS! That’s not the past, that’s within 5 years. Why they changed the text books? Because they do NOT regret! I think you truely do not understand the issue here. It’s not just a simple apolgize, but the things they are doing now as well. If it was the past, and the past did not matter, then why did Japan change their text books to make themselves right? Answer me that before you tell people to MOVE ON

        • You seem to have quite an insight into the minds of over 100 million people. What can it be like to be such a mind reader? Seriously, you think even the majority of Japanese people are still in favor of what happened during WWII? You think the majority of Americans feel good about having dropped the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Really? But dude, it was 65 years ago. All this hatred is coming from kids who weren’t even alive at the time, and who are just being swept by nationalistic brainwashing.

          And, NO one ever changes text books to cast themselves in a better light (*cough*U.S.*cough*)? Please, if that’s a reason to keep up racist hatred, then we might as well all go to war with each other now and finish each other off.

          It’d be a mercy at least.

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m just glad she’s not killing innocent birds or pigs in her “I’m not ugly”/anti-Japanese campaign. That’s be even more ridiculously senseless than what she’s doing now.

  • Anonymous says:

    She’s really ugly @@

    But the reason why Chinese AND Koreans dislike the Japanese Government due to WWII is the same. They had yet to formally apologize. I mean, if it was just China, okay, maybe they are just too nationist, but Koreans too? You know there is something fishy going on (like Japanese changing their history books saying they were forced to attack Asia because they believe they are the only ones who can maintain peace there. Both Koreans and Chinese were totally againsted it yet the Japanese Government did not listen)

    • Anonymous says:

      Forgot to say:

      The Germans at least formally apologized to the Europeans and especially to the Jewish. They build monuments to let the shameful past to be remember, hoping it would never happen again. What did Japan do? NOTHING! Written “I am Sorry” letters? NONE!

      Not only do they not regret attacking Asia by visiting the Temple of War (it’s the temple of the old king who led the attack in Asia), changing text books, and so on.

      *note: this is only about Japanese Gov, not the people.

      • I don’t get it. What do you want them to do? What would “formal apologies” actually BE? A written letter from the emperor?

        Whatever it is, it’s still stupid. Not because China does not deserve it, but because it’s pointless now. Think about it, the current emperor would be apologizing for something a former, probably dead, emperor did. So X is apologizing for what Y did in the past. What would be the point? Do you think if he did that, people would care more/less about it? What Japan did to China is in the past. It can not be changed. History should be learned from, so that those mistakes are never made again. But dwelling on the past, and forgetting to move on is pointless. What does hating Japan bring to China? Does China gain anything from hating Japan? No, it gains a big fat nothing. So why do it? Because they can’t forget? Well, they shouldn’t forget. But bringing it up every single time does not help either. The past is past, move on.

        • Anonymous says:

          Truth be told if you’re going to use someone slapping me in the face as an analogy, then I’ll explain it to you this way. It wouldn’t matter to me if I got an apology formal or not. Why? Because I have the satisfaction of knowing that immediately afterwards, the guy who slapped me got beaten down, curb stomped and utterly DESTROYED.

          Whether the other person (Japan) feels remorse or not is irrelevant when they suffered equal or arguably greater injury as consequence to wronging me (China). Even better is that whether they want to or not, they will never be able to slap me again because they got their hand cut off (Japan no longer has military power; JSDF doesn’t even have enough power to sufficiently protect their own country) in the process of getting the shit kicked out of them.

        • Every country in the world lies in their history books. Do you think China has books that describes their own government’s human rights violations to it’s students? At least Japanese people don’t face prison if they speak the truth.

        • Anonymous says:

          History cannot be learned from if one does not apolgize. I slap you in the face, and just go like “Sorry dude”, then walks away, showing no signs of remorse. Then I tell people it was you who walked into my palm (like what the Japanese gov doing now, changing history text books, that’s the PRESENT! It’s within 5 years!). What would you feel? Do you think the apolize is whole hearted?

      • Anonymous says:

        that’s true,and that’s exactly what i want to say

        I respect Jap people, but i think the core value of the country is not always right.

        If they cant even respect what happened in the past, they wont learn from it at all. Esp what they do with their textbook.

        What will Jewish people do if Germans changed their textbook and say, ‘we didnt do anything wrong in the past’ and they adore Nazi as their heroes?

  • >> Japan itself has issued a huge number of apologies for its devastating wartime rampage accross Asia…

    Ugh, good job not reading what you linked to, right at the top of that wiki article says “As of present, there has been no formal written apology from the Government of Japan.” There is a huge difference between individuals and the nation as a whole.

    • NitWit005 says:

      Why would it matter if it’s written, especially if it’s televised? The emperor and multiple prime ministers personally apologizing doesn’t count? They are as representative of the country as you can get.

      What do you want exactly? A hand written letter from every Japanese over the age of five?

      • …It definitely matters whether or not it’s written. This really isn’t about an issue of whether or not the Japanese people are sorry. I’m pretty sure most people–in both China and Japan–can figure out that the Japanese today aren’t the same right wing nationalists that led the war 80 years ago. It’s all about it being “official”, and about it being formal…that kind of stuff is pretty important to both Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, what have you.

        • Anonymous says:

          From a Chinese point of view: the problem isn’t “we’re bitter about something that happened to us 80 years ago”. The problem is “Japan looked down on as a nation…and by not officially issuing a government apology, they’re *still* looking down on us”.

        • “There isn’t some magical power of paper that suddenly makes everything super formal and okay”

          Um, yes there is. It’s called pride and saving face. Pretty important issues in China and Japan, in case it wasn’t stressed enough before. Chinese and Korean people will definitely be pissed at the Japanese government, because they feel that said government _isn’t_ issuing their apology properly. I doubt many Chinese people genuinely care what the Japanese people really feel more so than what they “officially” say that feel.

        • NitWit005 says:

          “…It definitely matters whether or not it’s written.”

          Because… why? There isn’t some magical power of paper that suddenly makes everything super formal and okay. It won’t make a damn difference and you know it.

          No matter what the Japanese do there will be people in China and Korean pissed at them.

      • *sigh*

        If you can’t see something fishy over the fact that they continue to AVOID issuing FORMAL apology during all these years, then I’m afraid nothing I say can get through your head.

        >> What do you want exactly? A hand written letter from every Japanese over the age of five?


        • Anonymous says:

          If it’s so unimportant like you say, then why do Koreans also ask for one?

          Imagine someone cuts 5 of your fingers off and just says “Sorry, I cut them”. Walks away and tell people that you cut them off yourself by accident (kind of like Japanese gov changing history text books about WWII).

          Would you forgive someone like that? If the person true regrets, then he would not change the facts and tells others wrong facts. If one does not show signs of remorse, then it just means he/she still thinks they are right, further more, they might do it again as they don’t see it wrong.

          A letter of apolgize meant “I am sorry, I will never do it again”. Not just sorry, but “wrong”! If they don’t say they are wrong, it meant they still think they are right.

  • ROFL
    Attention whores… no matter if it’s from 4chan, from some stupid ong like PETA, or stupid nationalists… they all have mastered the ability to make a fool of themselves.

    Given that I’m kinda sympathetic to the cause, which is recovering and exposing more the attrocities commited by Japanese army on China.

    BUT far far away from making such displays of stupidity.
    China and Japan are different countries today as they were in those times, both suffered great losses, and only nationalist idiots fail to see that the relationship between the two countries is doing fine nowadays.

    Yes, we need to preserve the memory, but not by actions like this one.
    If something is to be learn from such tragic events on the past, is that THEY NEED TO STAY IN THE PAST.

    Get over it. Most japanese nowadays aren’t even part of that past that fugly girl is trying to blame today’s Japan for.

      • Yes but to still hold a grudge for years on end and you are doomed to repeat the cycle of violence that will never end.

        Those who do no learn from mistakes in the past are doomed to repeat them and Oh look what we have here, not a single person learning from mistakes in the past. Grudge begets Grudge and Violence/Anger begets more. If we do not take those lessons to heart then all we have is a never ending cycle.

        This is why moronic countries that hold onto the past fail. You must learn and let go ( I can understand for stuff in textbooks because truth and all accounts must be told).

  • Anonymous says:

    whoever wrote this article doesnt understand the true history at all
    Japan hasnt make any apologies to neither China or Korea in the past 70 years and they deny whatever they have done in china.

    you can make fun of what she did in the pic, but you cant change whatever happened in history.

    I feel shameful for people who dont understand history but write stuff to educate other people. i think that’s as stupid as this girl in the pic.

      • Dylan Kutruff says:

        yeah right missy japan didnt apolizgize 1 bit for china and wikipedia is a unreliable source so you cant use that either cause i have seen dead people on there and soem other shit and even if they did apoligize then that still doesnt mean that china will stop blaming them for ww2 i mean china is a largwe country but well it seems pretty unfair for japan to kill 4,78904 people in china

      • Anonymous says:

        i think you need to reread the link

        ‘good job not reading what you linked to, right at the top of that wiki article says “As of present, there has been no formal written apology from the Government of Japan.” There is a huge difference between individuals and the nation as a whole.’

        • minakichan says:

          China is wrong for continuing to hate and insult Japan and its citizens, who really have nothing to do with what happened back then.

          Japan is wrong for brushing aside an issue that has hurt so many people and even, in many cases, denying that the massacres ever happened.

          China may be hating excessively, but Japan isn’t doing its part to uproot the seeds of hate either. BOTH sides need to learn to compromise. China isn’t going to lose anything from learning to forgive and forget– it was 70 years ago, it barely matters anymore. Japan isn’t going to lose anything from apologizing and admitting what happened– it was 70 years ago, it barely matters anymore.

        • Zelgadis4tw says:

          Ehh, the situation is a little more complex between the Palestinians and Israelis than that. At the end of WWI Britain stole the land from the Palestinians and eventually gave it to the “Israelis”, that is what they are fighting over, that and apparently the land itself has resources actually worth something.

        • I don’t see anyone suggesting we don’t remember the past. But to hang on to the hatred because of the past is silly and leads to situations like Israel and Palestine, where they just kill each other because they’re parents and grandparents have been for time immemorial.

        • Anonymous says:

          >>don’t even tell me you really are all that stuck on something that happened 65 years ago

          Yeah, I totally agree. And we shouldn’t think of the Holocaust anymore, amirite? Because, hey, most of the Nazis are gone now, and so are an increasing number of the survivors.

        • And have the Chinese apologized for all of the inhumanities it has visited on various peoples throughout time? Has the U.S.? Has Korea for, lemme see, _starting a war_ which saw quite a bit of bloodshed? And THAT war took place AFTER WWII, even.

          Seriously. You probably weren’t even a thought in your dad’s pecker when WWII went down, don’t even tell me you really are all that stuck on something that happened 65 years ago? Or are we going to continue the stupid hate when only a few are even still alive who had to experience it?

          Think about it.

        • Anonymous says:

          The PM apolgized but it does not represent the country. Don’t you smell something fishy?

          I think you are the stubborn one Artefact. Why else do you think Koreans dislike the Japanese Gov too? I hope you do have some brians to think it through. If it’s just one sided, then maybe it’s no body’s fault, but 2 (Chinese + Koreans) against 1 means something! Please THINk instead of being bias.

        • well if we know one thing about asian countries, it’s that everything is all about formality and not losing face. the PMs might have apologized, but it’s also guaranteed there will be plenty of people unsatisfied at just that.

  • This could start an interesting dialog. All we need is for a Japanese girl to rebutt this with her own pantsu display.

    I would further encourage Koreans girls to also join the debate.

  • Anonymous says:

    Ugly is still ugly.

    What’s with the Grandma Pants, I mean even if she wore panties/thong at least she could have wrote it on her body to make it more appealing. In doing this it makes me want to puke instead of rallying to her cause.

  • *Waits for more comments ridiculing the Chinese.* Even though, as stated in the article, reaction there is probably as mixed as anywhere else.

    On a separate note, what a strange place for the sun in that flag…

  • Why Japan need to apologize? Their soilders did some invasions, did some massacres, rape some woman, boil some babies, and surrender after being bomb. Their people workships war criminals whose killed babies and rape womans, kids and babies. Their gov hav comfort womans, great AV, changing history and blah blah blah… I see nothing wrong about it? ^^