Otaku Corpse Carver Gets Life


A sentence has been passed on the eroge otaku who murdered his female neighbor after he failed to make her his personal sex slave, and then proceeded to grotesquely dismember her corpse in an attempt to dispose of the remains via his toilet.

The judge presiding over the case deemed the death penalty too severe, considering the murder and desecration of the victim’s corpse as not being premeditated, much to the dismay of the victim’s family.

The culprit himself told the court that he considered his own death the only true means of apologizing to his victim.

Via Mainichi.

The results of this case, as well as the murderer’s self-published doujinshi, are not going to help the already repugant image such otaku are cursed with in Japanese society, although this is not of course an entirely unjustified reputation.

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  • Life in prison is worse than death but there is so many problems with life sentence:
    – it costs a lot of money to the State
    – the prisoner has nothing to lose and someone in despair is always extremely dangerous

    If you are going to put someone for the rest of his life in jail, you should as well put a gun on his head and shoot. Would save money and time to everybody for the same result.

  • northpole776 says:

    That guy doesn’t mean what he says, obviously.

    If he thinks his own death is the sentance he deserves, then why hasn’t he killed himself yet? It can’t be that hard. Rip out your eyes and bite your wrists apart if you feel so inclined.

  • Really? Not severe enough?

    The murder of his victim has become the new standard!
    If a naked girl on the street isn’t attacked, raeped, killed, and flushed down the toilet instantly, the attacker is believed to have failed.

    Best to make an example out of the criminal, I say.

    How do you like that? I’ve never actually taken a stance on capital punishment before.

      • Anonymous says:

        In America, if the victim was a child, this would be a life sentence to ass raep and beatings. I hate the Aryan Nation, but this is one thing they are good at.

        I wonder if this sort of thing (‘special treatment’ for child abuse) happens in other parts of the world?

      • But putting a murderer in prison to life with no parole AND no death penalty AND no tortures available in the jurisdiction is VERY dangerous. There’s nothing that would stop him from killing other inmates and prison guards, or other innocent people if he escaped (especially if no firearms are allowed).

        • You confuse a murderer with a psychopath. A murderer is someone who killed a human. A psychopath who murderes might enjoy doing so and thus will continue to do so because he likes it. Like an hobby.

          Don’t know if this was simple murder because he did chicken out (shit, she don’t want to be my slave. Anime-porn lied to me!) or if he actually enjoyed doing so.

          But assuming he did not enjoy it, chances are little that he will go on with killing.

          Oh and.. prisons are only so shitty in other places as far as I know. In my region a life in prison may be actually more enjoyable than a free life. You get good food, games to play, tv and so on. You can decorate your room. Pretty funny. But still no one wants to go there, because most have a misconcept of prisons, since they only know american movies xD

    • AmericanOtaku83 says:

      Is it any wonder Japanese women are looking for non-Japanese men?

      I don’t think they have the death penalty in Japan. It’s not like the US, where a man with the IQ of a child is executed by the state four times a week. All kidding aside, what happened to that woman was unfortunate and may her soul rest in peace and I wish her family peace.

      • Give me a break. I know that you were just ‘kidding’ but a lot of the stupid out there actually believe that the death penalty would stop crimes like this from happen…. NOT LIKELY!

        Really, a lot of the crimes like this are coming from the sexual NON-morality of today. If women would be a little more free with their sexual favors, men wouldn’t be driven to things like this anymore. The converse is true as well.

        • “NOT LIKELY” you say, death penalty will at least guarantee that that particular criminal never do it again, and how many criminals return to jail after a short time of being released just for the same kind of crime they entered jail for the first time for or worse

        • Anonymous says:

          It does make people as low as beasts.

          Let’s see… a person who can’t play along with the society rules = not enough intelligence => a specimen not fit enough => gets excluded/disrespected/treated as inferior than an average human being (does natural selection ring a bell??).

          In other words, a human who isn’t capable of playing along of the society rules intelligently, aka being/acting like a human, won’t be treated as a human.

          So you see, we aren’t even talking about morality here, we are just being realistic. Humans are animals as well, but our intelligence differs as from other animals, and it does play a role in our evolution.

        • Anonymous says:

          Yep, pretty much. Seeing as how it was a woman who had been raped, molested, etc. quite a few times in her lifetime and became a psychologist who realized this, and many of her female colleagues did as well (she was my teacher in college for Psychology)…… I think this is a legitimate thing.

          The fact is that most people who rape or otherwise force people into sex are people who aren’t getting enough in their daily lives. They don’t have ‘too high of libido’ (there isn’t any such thing), they simply are not getting enough and if women and men (this is not SOLELY a female-only thing) don’t want to be forced into sex by these people, they have to start putting out more often.

          It’s a ‘period and done with’ thing here. Secondly, this does NOT make people as ‘low as beasts’. It simply takes into account NORMAL human nature, and let’s be real here: humanity is just a ‘higher’ ANIMAL!
          I.E. we are just a smarter primate. That’s it…. nothing ‘special’ about humanity other than our high intelligence.

        • Anonymous says:

          “If women would be a little more free with their sexual favors, men wouldn’t be driven to things like this anymore. The converse is true as well.”

          So, just coz women aren’t more offering and easy, it’s fine for men to do anything to get what they want? Lame. Well, if a man doesn’t have enough intelligence or whatever to enough self control and play along with the rules of the society, then he’s just a junk that slows down our evolution. In other words, if people goes as low as beasts, then they could just be treated as beasts.

        • Yeah i heard about that news when i was working in Europe.I couldn’t believe myself there is messed up Austrian bastard did horrible things to his own family.I wish i was there to kick his ass the HARD way or tortue him!!!Sorry i couldn’t control my rage while mentioning that sick bastard and feel very sorry her poor daughter and her kids born from an incestuous act of the father and her daughter.

        • ..always wondered why it was such a big deal to show titties in free TV. Most of us sucked on them since birth. Why hide something everyone should be used to?

          Or why is (not hardcore like tentacle or stuff) porn restricted by law? If evereyone were more used to sexual interaction by porn (at the age of 12 or so) and less used to killing people in video games (at the age of 7 or so, at least in my case) the world may become a safer and more erotic place.

          I mean.. why bother an censor a vagina? It’s plain stupid. Half of the world population can see it everytime they wish and may show it to one of the other half. Why the hell needs something like this to get censored?

          Oh… and did anyone get the news of the guy in austria who imprisoned his daughter in an illegal build basement and abused her like 24 years, having 6 children with her?

          Damn it. She was imprisoned 24 fucking years without ever seeing the sun! And she was abused, while her children were watching her, because it was a pretty small basement. Talking about screwed up, you first have to think about Austria, the place Hitler was born.