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Nagato Yuki Sings Ga-rei Zero OP


Eroge gamer Nagato Yuki can be seen singing the catchy Ga-rei Zero OP, Paradise Lost, in the new episode 6 of Haruhi-chan.

Fans with in-depth seiyuu knowledge will immediately get the joke – 茅原実里 / Minori Chihara voiced both Nagato and Ga-rei’s main character Kagura Tsuchimiya, as well as singing the show’s OP.

Episode 6 is available here on Youtube.

Since the Youtube videos are not embeddable (look for Nagato’s singing near the end of the episode), here instead is the Ga-rei Zero OP, Paradise Lost:

Please use your imagination to picture it being sung by a bunny-eared Nagato carrying a chibi Ashakura-chan.

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