Milk-chan Fan Art Surfaces


Up and coming idol to NEETs and hikikomori Milk-chan has updated her blog recently after being mentioned on numerous web sites, and because of the presence of fan art on Pixiv.

A quick search for 知多みるく(Chita Miruku) on Pixiv reveals a small but growing selection of fan art, which can be seen below:


“A recently graduated 22-year-old may be nothing, but I’m going to help you Mr. NEET!!” (Bottom corner reads: “NEETs, it may be hopeless, but give it your best, ok?”)



“I’m so constricted!”


“If nothing else, I’m gyunyuu (milk) aren’t I?” (The object in her hand simply reads ‘file’).

In an earlier update, she also expressed her wish for someone to create a figurine of her.

While her popularity is growing, the presence of online fan art raises the question of whether or not she is actually getting anyone to leave their rooms…

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