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Strike Witches Oshiri Identification Exam


Otaku megastore Tora no Ana is marking the final DVD release of Strike Witches with this point-valued written test which tasks prospective Pantsu experts to identify the various witches only by their oshiri and pantsu (or rather, trousers), and to translate two well known phrases from the show back into Japanese from English.

A translation is given here in case you may wish to test your own pantsu prowess…

2009 School Year “Shiri” Official Certification Top-Grade Written Examination


Question 1: Fill in the 【 】 with the name of the person!

(Each answer is worth 8 points.)

Question 2: Translate the English sentences into “Strike Witches style.”

1. Is it only today?

2. Because it is not underpants, I am not ashamed.

(Each answer is worth 6 points.)

Given the ease of the questions, any fan should be able to to get a perfect score in no time at all. It took me about 2 minutes to finish, most of which was trying to remember Erica’s full name…

The above display is from Tora no Ana‘s main Akihabara store, which has done quite a lot of Strike Witches promotional displays recently:


“Aahh…what a marvelous 【shiri】!”


Via Akiba Blog.

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