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Eroge Anime OP Legends


A video compilation of many memorable OPs from anime that were originally derived from eroge.

Many favorites such as To Heart, Nanoha, and Key series make an appearance, spanning over a decade’s worth of eroge anime.

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There are a few too many titles to list, but if you are truly dying to find out a show’s name feel free to ask below in the comments and I’m sure I or someone else will be glad to help.

Regarding Nanoha’s presence here, even several Japanese commentators on Nico seem to be unaware that the Nanoha series is actually a spin-off of the Triangle Heart eroge and OVA series started around 2000, meaning Nanoha actually has eroge roots and so qualifies.

Also, I was surprised to see that Popotan is nearly 6 years old by now – it seems like it came out just yesterday…

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