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Dollfie Dream Illya & Nanoha


Volks is releasing two new anime character Dollfies (BJD, or ball jointed dolls) in the forms of a Fate/Stay Night’s Illyasviel von Einzbern Mini Dollfie Dream and a Nanoha Takamachi Dollfie Dream.

The spectacular Saber Dollfie is likely to remain the premiere anime Dollfie for some time, but these two newer dolls should be of interest to some, as they both clearly exhibit Volks’ strong focus on quality…

A visit to the Dollfie Wikipedia entry may prove illuminating for those wholly unfamiliar with them; Danny Choo has also recently become a doll otaku, so he provides a variety of interesting content on the subject.

First, we’ll look at the MDD (Mini Dollfie Dream) Illya:


Its status as a MDD makes this Illya positively inexpensive compared to the more familiar Dollfies, coming in at only ¥46,000 (really – regular Dollfies can easily cost $1,000 or more).


This is the default clothing set she comes with, which can be swapped out along with her hair for other outfits / styles.


Illya in her very highly detailed coat outfit (Volks website).

For those curious, the outfit costs around ¥9,800, but can be used for any other MDD style Dollfie as well.



Illya in a bloomers outfit (Volks).

Such a wardrobe choice might make a disrobing ala Rin Kokonoe come to mind, but the Dollfie’s proportions and joints may put a damper on that idea.

Next, we have the Nanoha DD (Dollfie Dream):


Being a regular DD instead of a Mini raises the price somewhat; this doll will go for around ¥72,000.



The poseability of Dollfies due to the ball jointed designs can make them resemble Figma action figures somewhat, though it might not be wise to say this in front of their fans.


A very nice shot, even if Dollfies do take a lot of getting used to at first – I personally only have ever had any interest for the Saber Dollfie, mostly because of Danny’s coverage of his.

Since the Dollfie community is even less mainstream than that of regular anime figures, acquiring one is a process most likely already known by anyone who has any interest in them; getting one internationally is not too difficult even so.

For those interested, the official Volks pages for the MDD Illya and the DD Nanoha would be helpful places to find more information.

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