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Teacher Skins & Eats Cats


A man whose livelihood and diet appears to be provided by hunting and eating “stray” cats has been the cause of much outrage.

His presence in the town is announced by his practice of skinning the cats he catches, and publicly curing their pelts, with the fur being made into hats, children’s or women’s clothing, etc.

The cat hunter is said to have come to light by a sharp decrease in the local population of stray cats. Further enquiries revealed a local resident had, using a hunting dog, been catching, killing, and eating the feral cats, and then skinning them for sale.

The pelts were visible tied to various objects in the vicinity whilst curing, being changed with new ones every few days.

Speaking to witnesses, the discoverer was shocked to hear that the hunter was not some homeless wanderer, but a former teacher, outside whose house the pelts were clearly visible.

He soon posted the information and pictures online, hoping to expose the practice.

The pictures and eyewitness accounts have sparked much outrage on major Chinese boards, with the by now familiar vigilante manhunt being attempted in order to bring him to justice. Even so, given that he can go unmolested in the locality he operates in, it does seem there is a gulf between animal lovers and common Chinese.

Cat fur itself is said to have some popularity in China for clothing and similar uses, as it more suitable for some uses than more conventional rabbit fur.

Via Heaven.

China is certainly a difficult place to be a cat. At least in this case they are not being shipped by the thousand to the cooking pots of the south…

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