Strike Witches DVD Ero-Finale


The newly released 6th volume of Strike Witches continues to make a host of dramatic improvements to the show’s animation, going substantially beyond the requisite ero-upgrade to include a fair amount of redrawn art.

However, this release may be bittersweet for many, as this was the final DVD volume and we now have only the recently announced sequel to look forward to.

DVD is on the left, original TV broadcast version on the right for both images.


Although the final episodes included very little ero-content, it seems that we are still treated to a great many subtle changes, enhancing the quality of what was already a well animated show still further.

The Neuroi’s laser (?) weapons seem to be able to shoot at what they’re pointed at now.

Note the Tomoko Anabuki figure’s changes.


Less obstructions to a view of Sanya’s young petanko body can only be described as a massive improvement, and there are several small changes plainly visible in most frames shown here.

Note the attention paid to Gertrud‘s oppai…

The sixth DVD is available now.

As Strike Witches volume 6 contains the final two episodes, I think we can safely say the Strike Witches DVD was overall a large success, containing much ero-upgrading and overall animation enhancements and deserving of its especially successful sales figures.

Since even the Japanese government officially recognizes the series’ excellence, we can hope the sequel continues in the same vein as the first season and escapes any negative effects of the recent turmoil at Gonzo…

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