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2ch Stalker Threatens to Sue Seiyuu Victim Haruna Ikezawa


Seiyuu Haruna Ikezawa, best known for her role as Yoshino Shimazu in Maria-sama ga Miteru, along with Momoka in Keroro Gunsou, has announced on her site that she has been the victim of a deranged stalker.

Going by the name of “Phoenix”, who attempted to turn the tables on her in a lengthy series of posts where he claimed she was spitefully defaming his character and warned her that he was preparing to sue her.

The seiyuu explains that the maniacal 2ch otaku in question started stalking her, following her around and even intruding upon her place of work and interfering with her acquaintances.

Becoming worried, she enlisted police assistance to deal with the unwanted follower, who apparently was losing touch with reality; illustrating the disjuncture, he apparently said “Haruna cried out of love [for me]!”, to which the seiyuu responds: “I cried because I was scared [at him jumping me in the middle of the night]!”

But where he really showed his mettle as a stalker was in his various threats of legal action against her “defamation” of his noble character: “If it comes to the worst, I have unshakable proof and am considering suing her”.

He goes on in innumerable posts to concoct a Munchausen-esque scenario of her being a recalcitrant acquaintance of his behaving unreasonably towards him.

The stalker was eventually placed under a restraining order, and apparently has been of no more physical trouble.

She revealed all this in a lengthy confession on her blog, which she deleted as she said she would. You can still see it in various places online.


Although obviously seiyuu otaku are extremely prone to this sort of bizarre mania, and should properly be considered at fault, we must also bear in mind the fact that only by carefully cultivating this kind of obsession amongst their fans do celebrity seiyuu and idols attain the status and profits they do; as a result, it seems incorrect to think of them as being purely passive victims.

This is surely part of the trade, for better or for worse…

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