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2ch Drives Idol to Suicide


An idol, known as Iori (相麻いおり), was recently driven to attempting suicide by the calumnies heaped upon her by 2ch, and is currently in intensive care.

The details of the incident were revealed on her blog by her little sister, who furiously blames 2ch for driving her sensitive sister over the edge, going so far as to say “I’ll never forgive the 2ch scum who drove my sister to this!”

The story is laid out in the words of the apparent sister:

“My elder sister isn’t very psychologically robust, but she tried all the same. Then came all these comments from 2ch, “die”, “pig”, “old woman”, “gross”, “ugly”, etc.

She was hurt, and this morning attempted suicide. She’s currently in the intensive care unit in a coma. We don’t know when she’ll awaken. In the worst case she may… The doctors told us to be prepared.

I’m sorry. Both me and the rest of the family are about to blow a fuse.

I’m just going to inform you, borrowing her site for the moment. If she returns here, I hope you’ll welcome her back warmly.

We’re just praying she regains consciousness.

I can never forgive the 2ch scum who drove her to this!! I want to kill the lot of you!!”

The post by the “sister” has since been deleted, though that has only flooded her blog with comments pointing out this fact.

In its place we have some dubious auto-biographical details of the young lady and why she opted to become a flesh commodity for the likes of 2ch, presumably provided as damage control by her agency.

Some of Iori’s previous posts actually alluded to 2ch, where she is apparently upset: “I saw on 2ch that all my supporters are completely marginalised; I was upset. I wanted to cry; in fact, I did cry…”

Though after being reassured by fans she says: “Thanks, I won’t be taking any notice of petty comments by worms on the Internet; this kind of slander is inevitable here after all…”

Many 2channers actually suspect this of being a publicity stunt or some such; certainly, if she is comatose she cannot have updated her blog, and if she did update her blog, just who wrote the original update?

You can see some of her cavorting below; she apparently posed nude as well, though photos of her are scarce:


Possibly this is the reason she was unable to simply sue 2ch into submission, as their scurrilous claims would actually have to be untrue to win a suit.

Whilst nobody can deny that 2ch otaku, especially those fascinated by idols, are prone to unwholesome mania (though clearly many of her most benignly devoted fans are likely also 2channers), a decision to attempt suicide is ultimately a matter the individual concerned must take responsibility for.

It should also be noted that, unlike some other more severe cases, in this case harsh words on an anonymous forum were the extent of the problem; no stalkers or otherwise were involved.

In her case, if she was so psychologically fragile, why was she so determinedly marketing herself to the masses as an object of lust? Those who choose celebrity must surely bear responsibility for this choice, all the more so when they seek to profit from their onanistic fans so blatantly.


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  • Anonymous says:

    Although I don’t find her attractive in the least, she is not so ugly that suicide is her only salvation. If she were to develop an ass by way of going to the gym, tone up her stomach with a strict regime of abdominal exercises, and fix that train wreck of a smile, she could raise her standing considerably.

    In regards to her alleged attempt at suicide, the stupidity of the human species never ceases to amaze me. Anyone who genuinely attempts to commit suicide and fails, really needs to show some conviction and try again(頑張ってください). That being said, I can see how someone could simply want attention, and therefore half ass it, with no real intention of actually dying.

    As to who is to blame, ultimately she has only herself to blame. It disgusts me how the default response in today’s society is to always seek to blame ones actions on some outside force or person. People need to take responsibility for their actions, plain and simple.

  • I won’t expand on it because I’m lazy right now, but I still wish to express my opinion. It’s sad to see people with this notion of “weak” and “strong”, and this pseudo-evolutionary talk. If anything, one must have a strong will (must be strong) to understand the situation and feel for the victim. It doesn’t matter if she attempted suicide, nobody is perfect and we’re all different, we all have our negative points, etc. Also, please refrain from using “biological” or “evolutionary” speech when you clearly don’t understand what you’re talking about. There is no such thing as “superiority” concepts (strong and weak, superior and inferior). Actual evolutionary theory is undirected and value neutral.

    Also, “better” can only be used when we apply our own judgment of what is desirable. Desirability does not necessarily go hand in hand with survivability. Is the lack of sensitivity necessarily better than sensitivity for the long term survivability for our species? Every aspect of a human being has its drawbacks. Being sensitive probably is better as an auxiliary tool to finding a mate, specially long-term ones, which is essential in modern society. Not that being sensitive is stronger, better than being unsensitive. They’re just aspects.

    Oh well. I didn’t want to comment very long since I would have to be sure to explain everything in detail, but I also didn’t make a short comment…

    P.S.: I’m not a native English speaker, so forgive any mistakes.

  • you virgins wish you could have a 3d girl half as good looking as that. but no, your in ur mothers basement fapping to moetan, being complete assholes, and insulting everything because you are all narcistic neurotic jealous lameasses.

  • Well this is silly, first of all she is ugly although she does have a nice body
    But really, if you’re gonna be an idol or anything in the public eye you need to be able to take any and all comments the interwebs can throw at you, that or just don’t read them?

  • I agree with Artifact, it’s important to be immune to virtual attacks like internet talk.
    Sad thing is her sister blaming the internets for things that have roots in the real world, like in her family for example.
    I hope the idol now gets the care she needs.

  • “Live by the sword die by the sword.

    If your going to work in the entertainment business, learn to suck it up because shit like this are bound to happen. So I feel no sympathy for her.”

    I was fine with this until the last sentence.

    You can be very aware and very prepared for whatever situation you put yourself in, but, that doesn’t mean you’ll come out of it unscathed.

    Where I live we’ve recently seen the worst bushfires in history. The people that lived in the affected areas “lived and DIED by the sword”. No one has asked for sympathy, but, you know what? Over $100 million in donations and counting. At least some people here are human.

  • I’d just like to say that the last paragraph in the post is in poor taste (at least in the way it is worded). A lot of the comments putting her down are also in very poor taste (I guess commenters here are no better than on 2ch).

    I think we all understand that self esteem and identity issues are very complex. By no means give the girl a free ride, but, cut her a bit of slack.

    As far as looks go, I’m not keen on her. But, I know plenty who would go for her in a heartbeat.

  • Reminds me very much of idol turned pornstar who committed suicide sometime around this time last year can’t remember her name or what company she did porn for, if were still up I could figure it out

  • I’ve personally known someone who tried to commit suicide because her child developed a rare form of lymphoma and died. The experience was very traumatic for her and family. I do not look down on her because I do not know what that experience would do to me. Now as far as 相麻いおり is concerned, she must be pretty damn insecure to be bothered by comments from a stupid ass website. She was already successful in her endeavors! She gives a bad name(if you can do that) to those whose situation if life is a BILLION times more serious than that!
    She wants to do herself in…FINE! But not before I slam my flesh piston past her insecure clamped sphincter and canon blast steaming ropes of non-caring ball batter into her anxiety ridden guts!
    You have a life bitch….LIVE IT!!

    • HauntedViewIsEmoDramaQueer says:

      Let me get this straight:
      You want to anally violate, mutilate and quite possible KILL a suicidally depressed person? So you can get the point across that they should live their life?

  • for those of you laughing and slandering her, I sure you’ll enjoy it thoroughly when someone close to you died. Death is no joke. I’ve seen too many people died in front of me, and it’s NEVER funny.
    If she’s faking, well why can’t we just humor her? It’s just about writing a nice line people. Is that to0 hard for you? Or do you think because you’re anonymous you can slander someone without fear? Ever think about being on the receiving end? Ever heard of PROTECTING GIRLS? I know most of you are male. You don’t want to be classified as creep? Well then start protecting girls, instead of slandering them!
    It’s really not that hard.
    Please try, so what if we’re being lied to.
    “A man forgives a Woman’s lies.”
    That’s sanji’s (from one piece) own words.

    • hmm im not anonymous and i can still mock the bitch. my mother died only a few years ago hearing “your mother” repeatedly tends to harden the heart. id stand up for anyone if they were actually in trouble. but i feel its a pain in the ass to protect someone from themselves. if you humor someone on this kind of thing they wont learn from mistakes and start enjoying the trouble they cause others just because it gives them attention. ive also been through highschool i believe 90% of the people on this site have been on the recieving end of this kind of shit. i also verily enjoy my status as a creep. (p.s. you shouldnt take your morals from a cartoon you should develop them on your own and decied whats right and wrong. theres plenty of evil out there for you to fight just dont pick the kinds of evil thats smarter than you)

  • While I despise some crazy otaku that lurks 2ch and 4chan, if the idol really attempted suicide, I’d say they are using 2ch as a scapegoat.

    I mean, seriously, I highly doubt that someone would ever attempt suicide ONLY because of comments on boards that are very well known to do stuff like that.

    It’s even worse if she was already a 2channer and had followers there. Because if she was, it’s obvious she already knew how things worked there.

    So, I don’t really have enough data to judge, but her little sister might pay more attention on her own family, on the people her sister knew, and the whole environment she was into, before blaming everything on 2ch.

    No one normal commits suicide because of some comments on 2ch type boards.

    • that’s the whole idea behind the anonymous boards. They are the perfect scapegoat.

      On most websites, as an active member, you would have left some trace of yourself. Whether it be by searching your screenname, getting your email or even asking your online friends people could find out who you are. On the #chan sites nobody knows anyone else.

      This chaos ensues as you’re safe.

  • i know suicide is a serious topic and all, but honestly, i just gotta ask, how in the hell did she manage to become an idol with a face like that? not trying to add oil to the fire here, just that i think i understand what initially made 2ch give out those comments

  • First post ever on this forum, ever since I got introduced to this website a few days ago, so you’ll excuse me if I may sound offensive or write something disturbing to some here.

    Ok just to comment for the people who don’t understand about suicide in general, that’s a good thing because that means you are far from attempting one yourself.

    Another thing is the you should understand that the Japanese does have , and currently existing,a culture that revolves around suicides. I believe they call it senpukku or something (Feel free to correct me on this. What you got to understand is the Japan we see before is indeed a new society from their previous ‘death before dishonor’ type tradition. Hence we come to think of kamikaze pilots. Of course you wouldn’t think that of the younger generation but remember that the previous generation are teaching them this now.

    On another note for those who wonder why the Japanese would take blogging seriously, lots of people actually do. In a cramp lifestyle where they can’t enjoying express themselves with other people (celebrity or not) blogging is much easier. And when people reply something positive, they become elated; likewise when people reply negatively, they feel disheartened. Believe it or not, people do indeed want somewhere to belong to the point of insanity.

    One last thing, for Fonzer who asked about animals and suicides, I think there are a few that I could name off the top of my head like sheeps, seagulls, and bees.

    P.S. Yes Fonzer I’m calling you out.

    • I always assumed it was due to Japan’s stress on public modesty and mannerisms that when placed in a space where they have almost complete
      anonymity they go APE SHIT and put unsuspecting “innocent” idols in a flamewar. Also they don’t have to be Japanese. 😛

  • I agree in 2 things.

    She shouldnt be in an idol enviroment if she’s psychologically fragile, and also a lot and I mean A LOT of 2channers are sick… they need a real life instead of just being in front of the pc all the time.

  • I don’t know all details to this idols story,but I think if someone is serious enough to commit suicide, they should be given help. I see lot of derogatory comments from most post here. But there’s always more then what we see on the surface to this story. I could even be simply that ch2 and ch4 and potentially her manager as well for Money, and perhaps she realized as she matured that this isn’t what she wanted, and was to ashamed to ask for help, and saw it as the only way out. Their are plenty of young people who end their lives; daily around the world because they don’t see another alternative. Well for me I fell sorry for her, that she couldn’t see beyond this crisis in her life.

  • She’s beautiful. I’m not sure how high some of you people have your standards, but perhaps you should bring them down a little bit lest you be ronery forever. I can see a lot of beauty in her.

    I really hope she fully recovers, and when she does, I hope she realizes what she did was very stupid. At least she seems to have a caring family. Please take care of her.

  • yea, i am totally with you on this one, suicide is completely up to the person in question, and what could possibly be so bad about your life that its a better alternative to end it?

    it’s just another example of natural selection trying to weed out the self-righteous attention whores

  • its her own fault for reading 2ch
    2ch is just like 4chan, it can’t be taken seriously
    if you do that, you lost the game.

    And also, if you want to be an “idol”, in other words be famous with your beauty/charisma, then you should be prepared for something like hate-comments, murder-notes etc.
    life is not easy guys

  • In terms of generalization, I can’t say that people who attempt suicide are ‘stupid’. If you, yourself, knew someone that you thought to be mentally stable, you’d think they’d never consider it. But shit happens. In most cases, it’s a lapse of rational thinking due to god-knows-what factors. Whether or not you judge people on being able to stand harsh words, go shovel your drivel somewhere else. Such broadside comments about suicide cannot be taken seriously.

    Other than that, this idol attempted suicide because of 2ch gutter talk. You guys are being ignorant to the idea that you don’t need to actually go to 2ch to receive their vitriol. In the case of Japan… it just arrives on your doorstep.

    • This.

      My cousin committed suicide last year, and he wasn’t stupid or mentally unstable. He had made some poor choices in his life and had a lot of unlucky things happen, but he was on the road to recovery. We didn’t see it coming at all.

  • On the one hand, I think a lot of the people that write those comments on 2ch are despicable, but she is an idol and she needs to expect those sort of comments. I would never even try to become an idol because I know I couldn’t handle it.

    • PandemoniaFailsIRL says:

      When calling someone ugly, do not..repeat DO NOT post a SHIT-HIDEOUS picture of YOUR SELF–a failed-cross-dressing-no talent empty headed waste of monkey dna) ON YOUR OWN WEBPAGE.

        • AdviceForPandemonia says:

          Let’s Review…

          Pandemonia– “she is ugly”

          My Response–
          When calling someone ugly, do not..repeat DO NOT post a SHIT-HIDEOUS picture of YOUR SELF–a failed-cross-dressing-no talent empty headed waste of monkey dna) ON YOUR OWN WEBPAGE.”

          Hmmm…well I thought that part was decently written…but as far as the EVIDENCE of your SHIT-HIDEOUSNESS….you’ll have to forgive me as you only have ONE picture of your aesthetically challenged cross-dressed self on the front page.
          Maybe you should add EVEN MOAR hideous pictures of your gender confused self (which manages to parody both genders…holy shit!)so people can link to that for EVEN MOAR LEGENDARY LULZ??

          That’s what I’d do if I were you. For the LULZ, you understand.

        • Aww, i didn’t think you were quite so hopelessly up your own arse this much. I’m rather disappointed.

          You could have done such a better job at it, I’m almost insulted. I mean… the bit you seem most proud of was actually the bit you failed most at.

          I guess good griefers just aren’t all they’re made out to be.

        • PandemoniaNeedsAssOintment says:

          As far as ME browsing this site….well shit happens, lol. People get bored.

          But dude…don’t be so buttsore. It’s just internets. Although actually I think I did do a pretty decent job of calling you ugly, as I did point out your link, and if one were to click on it then…..LOL. The science part was particularly nasty, too, hehe.

          But then you don’t care!!!!Right? Good for you!!! You’re totally cool with your lack of aesthetics. You’re NOT buttsore.

          But just in case you are….you should probably rub some ointment on it. Your ass, that is. I realize it’s hard to tell from your face, but….well you get the picture.

        • Actually… the sorry part is just a pet hate.

          Let me take a few minutes to snigger mindlessly at this:

          ‘But you’d have to be INTERACTING IN THE REAL WORLD ‘

          That would have been more effective if it weren’t for your next insult:

          ‘No amount of an amateur Mr. Spock impressions (that’s honestly how you come off–like a bad Spock impression)’

          Between that and the site you’re currently browsing… you’re not really in a great position to use antisocial behaviour as an insult.

          Apart from that your entire post was a rather dubious and ill-conceived attempt at calling me ugly, with science as your ally.

          Poor effort. No, really, you expect me to be insulted by this?

          Unlike this idol, If I was worried that some random internet user was going to find my photo unattractive I WOULDN’T UPLOAD IT. I wouldn’t post an image on the internet where any person on the planet can see it if I were going to be insulted by the fact that a few people find it unattractive.

          Oh dear; I can almost SEE you typing your next reply on the grounds that I must care as I’m replying so much…

          But here’s your answer:

          I’m bored. It’s 5 to 8 in the morning and I have very little to do.

        • PandemoniaNeedsIRL says:

          LOl…you’re reading way into the “sorry” part. I take it you haven’t conversed much in the real world, have you? There’s a lot of conversational CONVENTIONS OF SPEECH that are universally accepted and used.

          But you’d have to be INTERACTING IN THE REAL WORLD to be aware of them.

          No amount of an amateur Mr. Spock impressions (that’s honestly how you come off–like a bad Spock impression) can cover up the fact that your’re missing a few profoundly obvious points here.

          In short, no I don’t find my observation ironic. Standards of beauty although subject by some degree to current trends are UNDENIABLY supported by BIOLOGICAL impulses that are universal among homo sapiens. The scientific evidence for this grows DAILY.
          Trust me when I say that if there were a survey of people judging looks that my “standards” would be among humanity’s majority. Not saying that the idol was like a GODDESS mind you, but that my original assertion irony involving you was VERY WELL FOUNDED.
          As far as the “irony” of countering an opinion with an opinion….hmmmm. Once again that falls somewhat OUTSIDE the conventions of speech and discourse.

          It’s a little bit nitpicky and….neurotic.

        • Actually, i can see the irony, it’s fairly amusing… but i know some people won’t like/accept it, as is the case here. This is something she seems to fail at.

          There’s also irony in the fact that you’re opposing my opinion based on your own opinion. Tell me you noticed that.

          I simply don’t find her attractive, much the same as you don’t find me attractive. In both cases there are going to be people who have different opinions and taste.

  • She’s… not the indisputable textbook definition of hotness, but she was successful! Why should she give a damn what 2ch thinks? Even if, say, the board is as important as 4chan thinks it is, they’re still just a bunch of faceless losers who more than likely wouldn’t say that kind of stuff to her face.

    It’s unfortunate that she’d pay the pathetic haters more mind than they’re worth.

  • If you go on 2ch, 4chan, or the like, you should expect to see all sorts of shit.

    Only a fool would take anything on there seriously.

    IMO, suicide is the most cowardly thing anyone can possibly do, and I cannot approve of it.

    • northpole776 says:

      YeahIf it were real, she would be dead already.

      Fake suicide is not possible. How hard is it to put a bullet in your head/cut your throat/pull your anus out? You either kill yourself, or you chicken out. There is no “attempted” in suicide.

      • Attempted suicide means just that the one was too stupid. Like wrong tablets or missed the point in the head. In fact, it is pretty uncertain to die due to an bullet in the head. It’s amazing what the human body can live through.

        A pretty sure method of killing oneself is to eat lots of salt. A few kilo pure salt should do the deal. But it’s pretty disgusting to eat that much salt…

        If you cut through your throat there is the thing about the sudden pain and you might want to stop before cutting through.

        Most popular is ‘hangman’, but it’s also a proof of a lack of fantasy.

        If your really determined to die, than just bite through your tongue. It is so easy, but most suicidlers won’t do it, because they are freaking chicks who run away from live. You want to die? Then take the freaking pain of dying!