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Strike Witches Second Season Announced


Fans of loli pantsu can heave a sigh of relief with the news that loli pantsu anime Strike Witches is set to get its second series, just as has long been anticipated.

Details are lacking, but this seems to mean a (presumable) autumn 2009 airing at the earliest, though next year may also be possible.


The announcement is carried by no less than three magazines (and the early DVD), whose issues we get to see early thanks to the fact that 2ch’s anime boards have any number of denizens who happen to work in the stores getting the magazine stock early. Thus it is beyond doubt.

It would appear Gonzo are above Kadokawa’s games after all, though we have yet to hear the contents of their announcement… Now the only doubts are as to whether Gonzo will stay in fit condition to produce the series.

In other news, the game titles decided by fans appear also to have been leaked: the PS2 will get an adventure entitled “Strike Witches: A Little Peaceful Days”, and the DS apparently gets “Strike Witches: Soukuu no Dengekisen” (“Aerial Blitzkrieg”, or some such).

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