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Shotacon Kleptomaniac Sports Fetish Thief Busted


A 21 year old science major has been arrested in Mito City, Ibaraki prefecture, for mass theft of schoolboy baseball and soccer uniforms.

Enough uniforms to denude 20 whole teams of their strips (about 300 uniforms, all child size) were confiscated from the suspect’s home. According to the suspect, he had gathered them over the course of some 40 individual thefts.

Upon further investigation, it was revealed he had broken into an office worker’s home multiple times and stolen numerous items including uniforms, a computer, and family photos. Roughly 840 items had been taken at an estimated net worth of ¥220,000.

He was also caught recently breaking into a woman’s house and injuring her with a stun gun. He was promptly arrested after local residents contacted the police.

It is not clear just what fascination the sports related garments held for him, though we can probably make certain inferences.

Via Sponichi Annex.

A rather impressive haul, and to our knowledge not pantsurelated for a change.

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