Husband Breaks Wife’s Arms & Legs, Destroys Uterus


A man (43) has been arrested after he kidnapped his wife (36), who had separated from him, and then viciously beat her, breaking each of her arms and legs, and putting out her right eye; he then penetrated her with an iron bar, destroying her uterus and small intestine, leaving her with grievous injuries which she somehow miraculously survived.

The couple, from Anhui province in eastern China, had apparently separated after a long history of domestic violence. The husband had been arrested after this for fraud and theft, being sentenced to re-education through hard labour, after which he was released.

Living with her family, the wife was snatched one day after taking their 7-year-old daughter to school, with the husband and four other men accosting her in a vehicle with concealed plates.

Fortunately, a witness observed this, and recognised the husband; knowing the history of the couple and being sympathetic to the wife’s plight, the witness soon reported the matter to police, who headed to the husband’s residence. Soon the victim’s brother heard, and came too, though by this time police had already arrived.

There they found the wife, bloodied and collapsed, with an iron bar by her. It was immediately apparent that her eye had been put out, but soon it was realised on arrival the hospital that the extent of her injuries was much more grievous.

Besides having beaten severely enough to cause bone fractures in each of her limbs, she had also been assaulted with the iron bar, leaving her with severe internal injuries, to both genitals and rectum, rupturing her uterus and severely damaging even her bladder and small intestine.

After being placed into intensive care, the lady suffered multiple organ failure and barely escaped with her life. It is said that she can receive an artificial eye in due course, though rectifying the psychological damage is another matter.

The cause of the husband’s rage was apparently that his wife was considering a divorce after taking their child, and had refused his generous offer of allowing her to divorce for 60,000 yuan. He admitted his crimes after arrest.

The details of his sentencing are yet to emerge.

The incident was widely reported in China, and in addition to a 10,000 yuan reward for information leading to her assailant’s capture, concerned Chinese also raised some 60,000 yuan towards the cost of her medical treatment.

Via Heaven.

Tragically extravagant domestic violence seems all too common in China…

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