Shin Koihime Musou TV Anime Sequel Announced


The expanded version of popular anime adapted eroge Koihime Musou, dubbed Shin Koihime Musou (“True” Koihime Musou), is due to be fully adapted to a TV anime.

The commercially successful (perhaps tragically so for some) expanded game included a dramatically increased selection of characters and scenarios, so those who have played it will have some idea what to expect. Those who care to may find the game worth playing; it is readily available.

The announcement came by way of a commercial airing with a (very) late broadcast of the original anime; the official site still offers no new information. It appears set for a 2009 release.


In addition, there is the OVA to look forward to – fans will doubtless be gratified to see Koihime Musou is developing into a strong franchise indeed.

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