$5,000 Life-Size Ayanami Rei Figure Sells Out


Ronery fans of hugely popular Evangelion heroine Ayanami Rei appear to have been snaffling up an unusual life-size figure version of her, despite its ¥430,000 price tag, and the fact that it has to be made to order.

The figure itself is a 1:1 rendition of Rei, constructed out of FRP (fibre reinforced plastic) – it is 160cm tall and weighs 6kg. Manufacture took a month per item, it is said.


For some reason an Eva DVD box set is included with the product as an extra.

Strangely, these meagre images of this premium product are all that is provided.

And it does not appear possible to have sex with the figure at all.

What is even more puzzling is how a “completely made to order” figure “sells out”…


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