Shocking Strike Witches Announcement Unveiled Early


Enterprising 2ch investigators found that by manipulating their system time they could force the Strike Witches announcement countdown into revealing the future, in particular the important announcement promised, thought by fans to be the long awaited confirmation of a second season.

The shocking announcement’s contents?

“Strike Witches Game Title Decided!”

The “subtitle” to one of the game adaptations was left to be decided by fans in a competition some months ago; this is what they will be announcing. Fans now consider Gonzo a cheap knock-off of Kadokawa.


You can fiddle with the counter yourself on the site.

Fans are currently clutching at straws in the best tradition of Haruhi fans everywhere, wondering if somehow the “in-depth information” conceals details of the new season, or feverishly hoping that this is a jolly jape played on them by Gonzo, who will switch the SWF counter with the real one on the day of the announcement.

Should this prove to be the final announcement, fans can at least take solace in the fact that three quarters of Gonzo are already due to be sacked.

Doubtless many would prefer the same fate to befall Kadokawa too… It would appear Gonzo employees are in the mean time angling for jobs with Kadokawa, for they certainly display mastery of the Haruhi style hyping fans have come to loath.

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