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Female Breast Size Proportional to Stress


An interesting article comes our way detailing how stress may effect the size and growth of a woman’s breasts.

Typically during puberty a woman’s hormones begin to gradually build up, resulting in the development of breasts and other characteristics of sexual dimorphism. More specifically, it stimulates the growth of the subcutaneous fat and mammary glands that make up the breasts.

This is especially the case when a woman becomes pregnant and her hormones become far more vigorous, thus resulting in a sudden increase in breast size.

However, the pituitary gland from which these hormones come from is incredibly delicate in regards to stress.

During puberty, engaging in rigorous club activities or extreme diets can put the utmost amount of stress on the pituitary gland and heavily suppress female hormones.

An example of this pattern is said to be marathon runners, who go through a great deal of stress and then experience a runner’s high afterward, from the endorphins released by the pituitary gland. They are also not known for being well endowed…

Via Otona Magic.

Perhaps a lack of activity is key to large breasts? Or maybe just a lax diet. Curiously, several developed nations with obesity problems also possess large average breast size…

If all else fails, there’s always the surgical alternative.


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