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Topless Schoolgirl Oppai Dancing


A video of a very nearly naked supposed high school girl dancing energetically to the Idol Master tune “Go My Way” has attracted notoriety recently, and not just from the usual schoolgirl obsessive Nico-goers; Nico quickly deleted the video as being too much, but you can see it below:

Strangely the video survives on YouTube… Should it be deleted, we will provide a local mirror forthwith.

The dancing is not very good (certainly not at Minka the Meido levels), but that is hardly the appeal.

Those with a further interest in breast physics, or who are more inclined to 2D, will doubtless want to check out the earlier Hatsune Miku topless dancing along the same lines. Those with a weakness to mesmerism may wish to refrain from that video.

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