Sailor Fuku vs Sukumizu Fetish Fashion Crossover


Otaku lolicon cosplay maniacs are advised that a new item of apparel demands their attention.

Combining the charms of Japanese school uniform (specifically that modeled on the classic sailor uniform of a number of navies), and the now iconic school swimwear, or “sukumizu”, which so many Japanese youths are conditioned to consider the height of maidenliness, the alluringly zippered outfit daringly merges two allied fetishes for added mania.

“What kind of class will we be having today, I wonder?” An amphibious one, it would seem.

The suit is available in standard navy blue, or pink for the more adventurously unorthodox. It is 100% polyester and made in Japan, so its chances of exploding or dissolving flesh are minimal.

The sera-mizu can be had for the princely sum of ¥8,000.

Anyone thinking of actually attempting to use this on anyone other than their wife should be aware of the potentially disastrous consequences of combining two relatively specialised tastes in the eyes of an unsympathetic lady…

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