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Gonzo to be Dissolved; GDH Becomes the New Gonzo


Gonzo parent company GDH has decided to change its name to Gonzo, after first announcing it would be sacking three quarters of the original Gonzo; it now announces it will disincorporate the original Gonzo completely, and take on the name for itself, “merging” the two companies.

It appears that anime production within the new Gonzo will essentially be a matter of coordinating the actions of external contractors, as opposed to the business of directly conducting anime production, which obviously proved a financial disaster for the original Gonzo for whatever reasons.

The report outlining the plan also cites cost savings from reducing duplication of work roles and corporate administration, as well as economies from shared offices in Nerima, Tokyo.

GDH, as well as running Gonzo as a subsidiary, also runs a variety of other operations, including a moderately successful mobile gaming business. Presumably these are thought likely to benefit from being Gonzo branded.

Rather than a merger it might be more correct to think of this as a rebranding of the poorly branded GDH (which never had the profile of Gonzo despite being the larger parent) – the report does mention brand strengthening as one objective.

You can read the report in detail here.

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