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Vash Seiyuu Bashes NEET Idol Milk-chan


Japan’s ultimate weapon against NEETs and hikikomori, Milk-chan (otherwise known as Miruku), has recently updated her blog with a post regarding her outrage over being the butt of a few dirty jokes made by a radio DJ and seiyuu.

The DJ in question is in fact none other then famous seiyuu Masaya Onosaka, well known for his role as Vash the Stampede in the anime series Trigun, amongst other roles.


“I want to cry!”

Without going into too much detail, the jokes stemmed from Milk-chan’s job assisting her father at his dairy farm during her days off from work.

“At the farm Milk-chan will help the cows mate. She does this by ‘milking’ them.”

You doubtless get the idea…

Despite the grief caused by this turn of events, Milk-chan seems to have the support of her fans behind her; some would say the mere fact of her causing an unemployment agency to be mentioned on a radio broadcast is proof of her success…

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